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 By Tom Elpel    News    January 2, 2020

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Gateway

"We left our establishment at the mouth of the river du Bois or Wood river, a small river which falls into the Mississippi, on the east-side, a mile below the Missouri, and having crossed the...

 By Tom Elpel    News    November 27, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Taste of Freedom

"Set out after a heavy Shower of rain and proceeded on the Same Course of last night passed a large butifull Prarie on the S. S. opposit a large Island, Calld Saukee Prarie, a gentle breese from the S...

 By Tom Elpel    News    October 16, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Throwing Sand

"Passed the mouth of the River Que Courre (rapid R[)] on the L. S. and Came to a Short distance above, this River is 152 yards wide at the mouth & 4 feet Deep Throwing out Sands like the Platt (on...

 By Tom Elpel    News    October 9, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Layover

"This morning set out at an early hour, and come too at ½ after 7 A. M. on the Lard. Shore 1¼ miles above the mouth of a small creek which we named Corvus, in consequence of having kiled...


Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: The Hunted

Saw great numbers of goats or Antelope on Shore... in the evening I discovered a number of Indians on each Side and goats in the river or Swiming & on Sand bars, when I came near Saw the boys in...

 By Tom Elpel    Community    August 28, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Angels

"Set out at an early hour this morning. about nine A. M. the wind arose, and shortly after became so violent that we were unable to proceed, in short it was with much difficulty and some risk that I was enabled to get the canoes and perogues into a p...

 By Tom Elpel    News    August 21, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Confluence

"Capt Clark thinks that the lower extremity of the low plane would be most eligible for this establishment; it is true that it is much nearer both rivers, and might answer very well, but I think it...

 By Tom Elpel    Community    August 14, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Creatures of the Mud

"We came too this evening in the mouth of a little river, which falls in on the Stard. side. This stream is about 50 yards wide from bank to bank; the water occupyes about 15 yards. the banks are of e...

 By Tom Elpel    Community    August 7, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Name Games

"We nooned it just above the entrance of a large river which disimbogues on the Lard. side; I took advantage of this leisure moment and examined the river about 3 miles; I found it generally 150...

 By Tom Elpel    News    July 3, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Gates of the Prairie

"At this palce there is a large rock of 400 feet high wich stands immediately in the gap which the missouri makes on it's passage from the mountains; it is insulated from the neighbouring mountains...

 By Tom Elpel    Community    June 12, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: The Journey Begins

"This little fleet altho' not quite so rispectable as those of Columbus or Capt. Cook were still viewed by us with as much pleasure as those deservedly famed adventurers ever beheld theirs; and I dare say with quite as much anxiety for their safety a...

 By Tom Elpel    Community    June 5, 2019

Missouri River Corps of Rediscovery: Six months Paddling a Dugout Canoe

We are now several hundred miles within the bosom of this wild and mountanous country, where game may rationally be expected shortly to become scarce and subsistence precarious without any...


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