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Column: I bought the wrong sausage

As I sit here at my desk writing my weekly, it is raining cats and dogs, and for the first time in months, my heater kicked on. While I am not looking forward to using propane because filling the tank can devastate my budget, I look forward to the... Full story


Coaches Corner Navigating Grief: Finding Strength and Hope in the Storm

Grief is an inescapable facet of the human experience—a journey that can catch us off guard, leaving us with unsettled emotions. I, too, found myself in this uncharted territory when I first experienced the loss of my father. In the years that foll...


Letter to the Editor: Show appreciation and respect for tow truck drivers

As a past Paramedic/firefighter I want to acknowledge another 1st Responder that is rarely recognized or thanked. Recently one of our County Newspaper articles had a thank you given only to the Police, Fire, and ambulance. We do not seem to value... Full story


Guest Editorial: State to receive $65 million windfall

During the past legislative session, the Montana Taxpayers Association was excited to support the Gianforte administration's ideas that improved Montana's tax systems and provided tax relief. We look forward to continuing that working relationship.... Full story


Column: Oh no, roundabouts and the airport

While I was plenty excited my mom visited earlier this month; I was not as thrilled that I would have to make a stop at the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport. The older I get, the list of things that drive me crazy seems more extended than a... Full story


Coaches Corner: You are Worthy Even When Feeling Overlooked

Have you ever felt like your hard work went unnoticed, or maybe you feel as though you aren’t making a difference? You’re not alone. In times of feeling overlooked, it’s important to remember that even the most extraordinary individuals face...


Writers on the Range: There's such a thing as trail etiquette

The uppermost switchback on the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park is eight feet wide. Yet the last time I hiked out, I was stymied by a group of young hikers walking down shoulder to shoulder, tapping on their phones. Even when I... Full story


Column: Another delay at the alma mater

My mom was recently able to make a trip from Wyoming to visit us over Labor Day weekend. During her near-week stay, we watched the University of Wyoming football team play a ranked Texas Tech team in a game nationally televised on CBS. I have... Full story


Coaches Corner: Hope is not merely a tiny word

I have been inspired to write this week’s article on hope. I have a treasured friend who mentioned hope on one of his reels, and it got me thinking about hope. He was looking for a definition of hope and what it means. It is one word that I... Full story


Guest Editorial: Montanans are not for sale, those who prey on our citizens will be prosecuted

Human trafficking cases in Montana are on the rise. In 2022 Montana’s Department of Justice human trafficking investigators saw a 300% increase in cases over the prior year. Even more staggeringly, they’ve seen an 871% increase since 2015. Human...


Column: Sick days and daytime television

I was saddened last month when I heard the news of the passing of Bob Barker. Growing up, he was always a fixture on the television during the summer months when I was home alone and had complete control of the television. This was back in the day... Full story


Coaches Corner: Disappointments are Guiding Lights to our Purpose

Life is a journey of ups and downs, celebrations and setbacks, joys and disappointments. While rejoicing in the highs and achievements is natural, it’s equally important to recognize the value that disappointments bring to our lives. Though often s...


Guest Editorial: Gallatin County Commissioners discuss tax appraisals

From the Gallatin County Commission Gallatin County property owners were in for a shock earlier this summer when they received new tax appraisals for their homes and commercial properties. Some folks had the assessed value of their homes increase by... Full story


Column: There were a lot of sharks

In my weekly column, I will often touch upon various stories from my childhood. While it is always fun to reminisce about a wonderful event, there are also times that I cringe at some of the stupid things I did as a kid. The other day, I read a post... Full story


Guest Editorial: Funding Gives Montana a Plan to Reduce Vehicle-Wildlife Collisions

Anyone driving Montana’s highways knows the risk of colliding with deer and other wildlife. Hardly a mile goes by without the gruesome reminders of hit animals, broken bumpers, or smashed headlights scattered on the shoulder. According to the Bozem...


Writers on the Range: Wildland firefighters need our support

At any given moment during this smoky summer of 2023, hundreds of wildfires were blazing in the United States — more than 850 as of late July, according to the nonprofit Fire, Weather & Avalanche Center. Most of those wildfires ignited in the...


Writers on the Range: Tips for a new Westerner

Hurray, you've moved to the rural West from a crowded subdivision or city where the traffic has become an out-of-patience game, and now you want to fit in. You want to learn how irrigation ditches work, build a hen house, and grow fruit trees, wine g...

 By Ellie West    Opinion    August 16, 2023

Coaches Corner: Embracing the Journey Beyond Goals

I listen to many podcasts, but one of my favorites is The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast. In a recent podcast, the guest, James Clear, Author of Atomic Habits, talks about how our habits are a symptom of our priorities. And John Maxwell shared how...


Guest Opinion: Delivering income and property tax relief for Montanans

As I meet with Montanans in every corner of our state, I hear the same concern often - taxes are too high. And they're right. Taxes are too high and need to be reined in. Two years ago, we enacted a fiscally responsible budget, and as a result, the... Full story


Column: The joys of live music, especially closer to home

A couple of weeks ago, on a Thursday, I had forgotten that it was the opening day of Headwaters Country Jam and made the mistake of traveling down Montana Highway 2 in the late afternoon. It was chaos as I tried to patiently wait for the long line of...


Guest Opinion: Montana Property Taxes Explained

By now, most Montana property owners have opened their 2023 Property Classification and Appraisal Notices, and many have been surprised by the Montana Department of Revenue's estimate of their property's market value. It's no secret that property in... Full story


Column: You finish everything, even the cabbage rolls

When I was little, my mom did a fantastic job incorporating many vegetables into dinner. While the veggies were undoubtedly good for me, there were a few that I could not stand. As is the case in many households across the country, I had to take... Full story


Writers on the Range: Too many tourists follow a leader

A spectacular picture recently appeared on social media of a young lady in Arizona. She was poised on the edge of a cliff emblazoned with sunset colors. Immediately her online followers clamored to know where the picture was taken, so "I can get one...

 By Jack H. Smith    Opinion    July 26, 2023

Column: Can you sit down with the corn on the cob?

I know quite a few people who are very afraid of clowns, others who freak out over snakes, and a few that let out a blood-curdling shriek if they see even the most harmless spider. I am not a fan of the previously mentioned trio, either. When I was... Full story


Letter to the Editor: To all real property owners in Gallatin County

Like every property owner I have talked to or who has contacted me, I’m in “Sticker Shock” over my recently received 2023 Classification & Appraisal Notice from MT DOR. Commissioners & Councilmembers in Municipalities and Gallatin County will... Full story


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