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Coaches Corner by Ellie West: Ripple Effect

I love being near water, throwing rocks, or skipping stones, especially on lakes that appear to look like glass. What happens when we throw rocks into a body of water? Once the rock hits the water, depending on the weight or size, it creates a...


Column: The Happy Meal is on the Roof

There is an infamous scene from the television show "Breaking Bad" where the main character tosses a pizza on the roof of his home in a fit of rage. As bizarre as that may sound, it seemed completely normal to me. While it wasn't a pizza, I had once... Full story


Op-Ed: Medicaid Rates for Montana Nursing Homes

As Montanans, we care for each other. Across the rural-urban divide, generational divide, and Brawl of the Wild divide. Of all our constituents across Montana, the most deserving are our elderly neighbors who are on Medicaid benefits. They have... Full story


Column: In bed by 10 on New Year's Eve

I’m sure many people festively celebrated the New Year when the clock struck midnight, officially making it 2023. I was not one of them. In fact, I was in bed at about 10 p.m. I wasn’t a huge fan of 2022, so I did not want to celebrate anything... Full story


Our View: Looking towards a great 2023

Looking back on 2022, there were plenty of great moments for the Three Forks community, and there should be plenty of more exciting news in 2023. One of the most important news items of 2022 was the continued work on the Three Forks Flood Mitigation... Full story


Column: Get me a cherry pie, I'll time you

When I was a little kid, I sat down to eat a cup of tapioca pudding when someone told me it was made with fish eggs. From that moment on, I was horrified by the dish, and it took me about 30 years before I tried it again and realized it did not... Full story


Coaches Corner: Word for the Year

For the last several years, my husband and I have chosen a word for the year. The WORD we choose allows us to set our intention for the year. Your WORD is a powerful reminder to stay focused on your goals. My WORD and my husband's WORD are printed... Full story


Column: Maybe a bit to cold to cook outside

I’m not sure why I thought cooking ribs outside in December was a splendid idea, but it did not stop me from battling the below-zero temperatures for a nice home-cooked meal. It was probably about the third time I spritzed the ribs that I really... Full story


Op Ed: Skinner has served Gallatin County well

After 18 years of service to the residents of Gallatin County, Joe Skinner is retiring this month. We are writing as a bipartisan group of his former colleagues on the County Commission, who served with Joe across his 18 years at Gallatin County. We... Full story


Column: Feeling cute, might wear pajamas to dinner

Some of the best memories of my childhood were from the weeks leading up to Christmas. Of course, I was more than excited to see what Santa had left on Christmas morning, but I also counted down the days to come together with my family. I have so man... Full story


Guest Editorial: Shopping small this 2022 holiday season supports Montana's essential businesses

  The pandemic confirmed the critical role that small businesses play in our daily lives.  It sounds cliché, but locally owned small businesses truly are the heart and soul of our cities and towns. The holiday shopping season is a crucial time...


Column: Peaches, where are you?

Seven years ago, Melissa and I decided to buy a newspaper in Montana. I came up with my cat Peaches a few weeks before Melissa. When my parents arrived with Melissa and the girls, it literally looked like the Beverly Hillbillies had just moved into... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    December 7, 2022

Coaches Corner by Ellie West: Giving Tuesday

In 2012, Giving Tuesday was born out of the need to counteract the outrageous spending after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is an important date as we have an opportunity to honor the value of generosity in giving back. This global movement is... Full story


Our View: Stroll a great night in Three Forks

This week's Christmas Stroll is a wonderful opportunity for area residents to come together in downtown Three Forks. There are plenty of chances to get some amazing local gifts, but the annual Three... Full story


Coaches Corner: The Blind Horse

Thanksgiving is behind us, and we are gearing up for Christmas. This year, I have realized that not everyone enjoys or even celebrates the holidays. Perhaps, it may be challenging for some who may have lost their job or a loved one, are going... Full story


Coaches Corner: What sparks a light in you?

"You often feel tired, not because you've done too much, but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you." ~Alexander Den Heijer This quote is accurate, especially during the holiday... Full story


Our View: Importance of shopping local

While shopping locally is a great idea throughout the year, it is even more critical during the holiday season. While many will be looking to get some fantastic deals on gifts on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday is a wonderful opportunity to... Full story


Column: Constructing the perfect Thanksgiving plate

Along with a slice of New York style pizza and a perfectly cooked piece of prime rib, Thanksgiving dinner has to be my favorite meal. While some people might not put in as much thought as I do about constructing the best plate possible on... Full story


Steve Daines: I'm thankful for Montana

As a fifth-generation Montanan, I didn't choose Montana - Montana chose me. Over 100 years ago, my great-great-grandmother homesteaded 23 miles east of Conrad, and that's how my family made it to... Full story


Our View: Drive for the conditions

Last week was a perfect example of how bad the roads can get with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. With winter weather underway, many area residents will face the daunting challenge of commuting or a trip with inclement road conditions. It is... Full story


Column: Cruise ships make me nervous

Owning a weekly newspaper makes it difficult to take a more extended vacation, and it has been years since I’ve taken more than three or four days off. I’m certainly not complaining because I have had a lot of jobs that I have hated, and I... Full story


Coaches Corner: Gratitude all year

Several years ago, I saw a post about a gratitude jar. Each day throughout the year, you write down what you are grateful for that day and drop it in the jar. At the end of the year, you open and read each gratitude. I loved the idea, so we adopted... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    November 9, 2022

Coaches Corner: Gifts and Talents

On my growth journey, I, like many of you, may have tried to discover your gifts and talents. You may have had the same questions I have had over many years. What gifts and talents do I have to offer to anyone? It wasn’t until I started to embrace... Full story


Our View: Helping out the Food Bank

Later this month, families will be coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving. While Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity for friends and family to spend time together and enjoy a full turkey dinner, it can also be difficult for some who cannot af... Full story


Column: Loving the 'Soup Sundays'

One of my favorite parts of the week is our home’s weekly Sunday dinner. When fall rolled around this year, it was nice to be able to introduce soups back to the menu. We all love soup, but it is not the same when it is 95 degrees outside, the... Full story


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