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Our View: Service in need of volunteers

Over the past few weeks, the Three Forks Voice has had two articles highlighting the need for additional need for volunteers for the Three Forks Area Ambulance Service. TFAA Board member Barbara Mutter has concerns about the drop in volunteers over...


Letter to the Editor: In Support of Lindsey Richtmyer

I am writing in support of Lindsey Richtmyer for Broadwater County Commissioner. Broadwater County is one of the fastest growing counties in Montana with many policy issues facing the commission. These issues are not a question of “if” we grow, i...


Letter: Delger seeks re-election to Broadwater County Commission

My name is Michael Delger. I am running for re-election in District 2 of the Board of Broadwater County Commission. I was born and raised in Townsend. Other than 4 years of military service and 2 years of out of state construction, I have worked and... Full story


Letter: Barton responds to MDT Headwaters Rest Area Update

I read your paper’s article about the rest area update. In response to:  “ The project team has made safety a top priority with the design of the new facility, which includes open sight lines for patrolling, license plate-reading and security... Full story


Commission Candidate Richtmyer: Where I stand

In meeting and talking to many residents around our county over the past few months, I am continually asked where I stand on “things” or what I stand for. Surprisingly, I don’t have one issue that is driving me toward a spot on the county commi... Full story


Letter: Hamilton will represent Three Forks

People who love our community show up, put boots on, and get to work to help our neighbors. We're all tired of the division that politicians are creating. Rocky Hamilton is cutting through the political games so he can solve real problems for the... Full story


Boyer: Practical experience to navigate what's before us

I’m running for Gallatin County County Commission because I care about this place. This is where my husband and I chose to raise our son, build our careers, and run our farm. I learned early the value of service and discipline under pressure as... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    October 5, 2022

Coaches Corner: Limiting Beliefs

How often do we ask ourselves this question: Who am I? Am I authentically me, or am I who I think I should be? Have you identified with what you do for a living and believe that is who you are? I thought that what I did for a living was who I was.... Full story


Column: What am I doing here at Costco?

Many people often talk about how much they like to make a trip to Costco. Perhaps I’m bucking the trend here, but I don’t think I quite enjoy the gigantic box store as most people do. Before moving to Montana, I had lived in a couple of places... Full story


Coaches Corner - Not everything goes as planned…while we wait

For everything, there is a purpose. Timing is divine if we allow it. We will be anchored if we can push through those times that don’t go as planned. In writing my book, I had many setbacks and roadblocks until the day before my “big” public la... Full story


Column: My weight in breadsticks

While I much rather work at a smaller community newspaper like the Three Forks Voice, I do miss a few things about a larger publication. One of the biggest things is the camaraderie among the employees. I have made lifelong friends throughout my... Full story


Coaches Corner: Power in the Pen

If there is one thing I learned from my Dad, it is always to write a personal thank you note to those who gave you a gift or someone who has done something kind or extraordinary for you. He always told me that a verbal thank you is never enough. I... Full story


Column: Announcing is tough

I love to watch football and was a little more than fired up to watch the Denver Broncos open the NFL season with a Monday Night Football matchup at Seattle. It turns out it was a very bizarre game with an awful ending. Even worse, I had to listen...


Coaches Corner: Facing storms in your life

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life; some come to clear your path.” -Unknown. What happens when you see a storm brewing and moving into your area? Do you have a feeling of fear that comes over you as you run for cover and perhaps hide?...


Column: Did I really just panic buy Sriracha?

At the onset of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I would cringe whenever I would go to the store and see people loading up their carts with toilet paper. I had no idea why everyone thought they needed excessive amounts, and it was frustrating when I... Full story


Column: The morbid joy of funeral sandwiches

Every so often, I get in a bit of a rut when it comes to the nightly dinner menu, and we seem to be eating tacos and spaghetti a bit more than we probably should. While there is certainly nothing wrong with either, we probably eat them more than we... Full story


Our View: Hats off to the historical society

During the summer of 2021, I had a wonderful experience working at the Three Forks Visitors Information Center. It served as a great way to promote the Three Forks area and meet and visit with many of the people who were visiting the area. During thi...


Coaches Corner: Fall shows us that change can happen

As the summer months wind down, we enter into a new season - Fall. You step outside, and you can feel it. There is something different in the air. The cooler temperatures, the cozy sweaters, the warm...


Guest Editorial: Give it back

During the 2021 Legislature, we set a budget to adequately fund state government operations. It turns out that the State Treasury received a lot more tax revenue than we projected. In almost every area, tax receipts have exceeded our expectations. Th... Full story


Column: Ragtime Cowboy Joe

There are not too many things I enjoy more than watching college football on a beautiful fall day. I even love watching a game or three when it’s ten below outside, and the wind shakes the house. I’d pick a good college game over the NFL anytime.... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    August 31, 2022

Coaches Corner: Follow your Heart

Throughout history, many cultures have emphasized the importance of following or listening to our hearts. When we speak of the “heart,” we are not referring to the physical organ but our spiritual heart. Our heart is the key to our deepest...


Guest Editorial: Scholarships support more Montana students

The start of the 2022-23 school year marks the dawn of new educational opportunities for students across Montana. The Tax Credits for Qualified Education Contributions Program will send its largest ever number of scholarship recipients to... Full story


Column: Where in the world is the sesame seed remover?

The summer before my senior year of high school, I was 17 and thought I knew EVERYTHING. Looking back two-plus decades, I did not know much about ANYTHING. At the end of my junior year, I decided to get a job and the best option at the time was fast... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    August 24, 2022

Coaches Corner: Importance of Self-Care

Self-Care seems to be a buzzword in recent years. Oxford dictionary defines self-care as taking action to preserve one’s health. Self-care includes everything you do to take care of your well- being in your physical, emotional, mental and... Full story


Op-Ed: Law enforcement fighting human trafficking, but needs more resources

It’s a horrific reality for Montanans to consider, but human trafficking takes place every day in our state. The odds are most of you have seen it but didn’t know. Last month, a man involved in a sex trafficking ring in Billings was sentenced to... Full story


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