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Writers on the Range: Please Don't Pet the Wildlife

“I can’t believe that person is getting that close.” Just off the road stands a bull elk — a 700-pound animal with three-foot tall antlers — and a woman is standing not even four feet away from it. All it would take is for the elk to make...


Letters to the Editor: Support our new Law and Justice Center

Are you a registered active voter in Gallatin County? Then you should have your ballot in the mail by now. This year it is about a new court house for the county. $29 million is the price tag. That’s a lot but there are many reasons why this might...


Guest Opinion: County Commissioners discuss bond for Law and Justice Center

Gallatin County voters: we heard you. In two different elections, you rejected proposals to replace your aging Law and Justice Center. And we understand. The price tags for those proposed bonds were... Full story

 By Matt Volz    Opinion    October 13, 2021

Our Covid Cocoon: The Parents Aren't Alright

HELENA, Mont. - My unvaccinated 7-year-old son began hacking and sneezing in late September as the hospitals in our home state of Montana started buckling under the latest covid surge. I took him to get tested when his symptoms wouldn't go away. The...


Our View: 'Interagency meetings' a big deal

Over the past several months, the Three Forks Voice has published several stories about the Montana Department of Transportation’s Headwaters Rest Area. Broadwater County residents who live in the vicinity have banded together in strong opposition...


Column: The Pillowcase

When I was growing up, Halloween was a huge deal. Even when my mom didn't have the time to help plan out something, I always dressed up, even if it was in one of those awful costumes from the 1980s that had plastic masks. I'm not sure how it was... Full story


Our View: Be kind when grabbing a bite

The other day I received a press release that announced Montana had hit a 14-year low for unemployment. At first glance, this was great news for the Treasure State, but I became confused the more I thought about it. The numbers are undoubtedly...


Column: Reverse Sear

In my humble opinion, there isn’t much better to eat than a perfectly cooked steak. I always love trying a steakhouse while traveling and love to throw one on the grill during the summertime. We don’t have steak too often at the house, but there... Full story


The Prairie Doc: Prevention is the Best Treatment

What I remember most is the silence.  She was 19 years old, just starting her first semester of college. She had been transferred to our level 1 trauma center, intubated and in a medically induced coma. I was a third-year medical student, being intr...


Column: Magazine Drive Madness

I’m not going to lie whenever I describe how I felt about attending junior high. It was weird, socially exhausting, and crippled with challenges. While there were undoubtedly some shining moments, I was not too fond of it for the most part. It... Full story


Writers on the Range: Our New Age of Fire

Fire in the West is expected, and not so long ago, it seemed something the West experienced more than anywhere else. Nationally, big fires were treated as another freak of Western violence, like a grizzly bear attack, or another California quirk... Full story


The Prairie Doc: Return to Wellness

I recently saw a patient I hadn’t seen in more than 18 months. This patient had previously come to me somewhat routinely for arthritic knees. Together, we constructed a conservative treatment plan to help increase activity and prolong the life of...


Column: Another Thanksgiving

One could almost describe it as a scene from a movie as my large extended family wrapped up Thanksgiving dinner and sat around the table talking. When there were still empty stomachs the conversation was more small talk but as bellies filled with...


Opinion: When wildfire keeps coming back

Poor Butte County, California, again on fire, its smoke choking the air of states miles away. Nestled in the Northern Sierras, Butte County is home to Chico State University, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., and portions of two national forests. Almost...


Guest Opinion: Why I am fighting so hard

Since the Headwaters Rest Area project finally became public knowledge, many have asked the question: “Why are you fighting it so hard?” That is a fair question to ask, and the answer overwhelmingly provided by the Three Forks community is a...


Guest Opinion: Dear MDT and "Headwaters Rest Area"

We read in your press release dated 17 August 2021 that “MDT is committed to being a good neighbor and is excited to provide our law enforcement partners with an office space to better serve the surrounding populations,”. You propose a law...


The Prairie Doc: Laughter is the Best Medicine

It is often said that laughter is the best medicine, yet I have never written a prescription for a funny movie, or a television comedy show, and I have no clowns or rubber chickens in my office. On the contrary, doctors are often expected to be...


Column: Fast food and my bike

I used to ride my bike everywhere as a kid. Both houses I grew up in were near vast open spaces, and I would spend hours exploring the desert only to stop if I was trying to catch a lizard or horny toad. I prefer to go riding with friends, but if a...


Guest Opinion: Shoulder seasons not meant for public lands

In Montana, private-land elk hunting is moving toward 11 weeks for people who can pay thousands of dollars for trophy bulls, while others are left to hunt cows in deep snows and bitter cold when they’re struggling to survive the winter. That’s...


Column: It can wait

Although I have quite a few pet peeves, I try not to let many of them overtake my life daily. If this happened, I would either be so mad I could not function or so crazy that you could probably just put me in a padded cell with a straight jacket and... Full story


Our View: Thanks for an amazing Rodeo Dayz Celebration

After a hiatus in 2020, the Three Forks Rodeo organizers were expecting a big crowd in 2021. Their expectations were more than accurate with record attendance at last month's event. It was not only the rodeo that had large crowds in Three Forks. The...


Column: Sweet Pork

A few years back, I received an instant pot as a gift, and I wasn’t sure what to think. I was excited to bring something new to the kitchen but worried because I had always been a little bit intimidated by pressure cookers. I thought it would...


Letters to the Editor: From the 2021 All-School Reunion Committee

Thanks to all who attended the 2021 All School Reunion in Three Forks, July 16 and 17. We hope everyone had a good time, and most importantly, a safe trip home. It was great to see old friends and classmates again. It was a hard working committee... Full story

 By Paul Roman    Opinion    July 28, 2021

Guest Opinion: The Perfect Storm

The Bozeman Rest Stop at 19th Avenue is planned to be relocated to Three Forks off Interstate 90 on North SR 287 between USF Reddaway and Wheatland Road. Recent mailing from MDT of Frequently Asked Questions noted,” MDT has not experienced... Full story

 By Jack H. Smith    Opinion    July 28, 2021

Column: Shampoe Brown

I was always lucky on the first day of school because it was impossible to mess up the pronunciation of my name during roll call. For some of my classmates, it was awful to watch the teacher butcher their names. Although I’m completely fine with my... Full story


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