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By Jack H. Smith
Voice Editor 

Column: Social Media


February 20, 2019

I'm a little bit ashamed of how much time I spend a day on social media. I cannot imagine how productive I would be without it, but it does connect me with friends and family from afar, and is also useful for work, so it does have value.

It also drives me crazy when I see the same things over and over and have recently been thinking about the type of posts I see on a day-to-day basis and figured I'd share this information in a column.

These are certainly not trying to bash on anyone, in fact I may have had a few posts in several categories, instead they are just an amusing way to look at the different ways people post.

1. The being a bit too vague and possibly seeking a little bit of attention post

This is the post that will say something like "I cannot believe that happened" or "I am so hurt right now". Without any knowledge of what the person is talking about how on earth does anybody know what is going on? What happens instead is people will flood them with attention, and often times I think that is the whole point. Other times I found out the post is about something simple like someone getting the wrong food order at McDonalds. If you are upset, just tell us what it is about, the guessing game is a bit much.

2. The Foodie

This one probably happens a bit more on Instagram but there are plenty of people on Facebook who love to share pictures of their cooking. Sometimes when I am really hungry, I enjoy the posts, but when someone starts sharing photos of hot dogs, they just heated up in the microwave it can be a bit much. Then there are the times when people post pictures of what appears to be wet cat food and expect people to get really excited. Sometimes people will say how good something looks, and I think it is probably best to just stay silent rather than enable someone who should head straight to try out for the Food Network Show "Worst Cooks in America".

3. The Over Sharer

This happens when someone is sharing other posts from pages about 45 times an hour or when they give perhaps a little bit too much personal information. It's really difficult to navigate a newsfeed when it is so full of the same person sharing political posts over and over again. Some of them don't even make sense. There is also the one friend that everyone has that likes to have a few drinks and start sharing You Tube Videos of their favorite songs at 3 a.m. There are also the people that reveal perhaps a bit too much personal information. I have a lot of great friends but often times will cringe when someone starts talking about how many times, they had diarrhea because of the flu.

4. The gym rat

I'm all about people working out and bettering themselves. I just often time wonder why they think that somebody wants to see a selfie of them at the gym five times a week. We get it, you work out, and you do it at a gym. Maybe save the mirror selfie at the gym for once a week and I will "like it" while I'm sitting in my pajamas on the couch at 2 p.m.

5. The super avid fan or show watcher

I'm a huge sports fan and will show my teams some love on social media from time to time. While it's enjoyable to interact with fellow or opposing fans, there are also people who take it a bit overboard. The perfect example of this is during preseason football when my news feed is all of a sudden full of play-by-play posts about what is going on during a game. It's the preseason, it doesn't matter, and nobody really cares. The same can be said for someone who will watch a TV show and post non-stop during an episode, or often times give out spoilers. I work a lot of nights, I have a lot of stuff on my DVR, I don't want to see who got eaten on the Walking Dead or killed by a dragon on Game of Thrones until I'm in my pajamas on the couch at 2 p.m.

6. The new couple.

It always pleases me when people are in a new relationship and happy, but there are those couples who get a little crazy with sharing of their love on Facebook. I'm not really bothered by the non-stop photos of a budding relationship, but when it gets lovey-dovey with the posts it gets weird. Bedroom talk should probably stay in the bedroom and just know that while this new love feels amazing right now, you may have to share a bathroom soon and that is when things get weird.

7. The I don't do this people.

When a post starts off "I don't usually do this, but felt I need to today" or something in that nature I want to bash my head into a brick wall. Guess what, you ARE the person that does that now.

8. Chain Mail or Better Share


I think that email and social media have only made chain mail worse. If I get something in a text that is asked to be shared, it is going to stop with me. I'm not sure what purpose of chain mail is, but I'm not to thrilled when someone will send me a rose on Valentine's Day to my inbox and ask me to send it around. I don't want a picture of a rose, but thanks for thinking of me. But if you were really thinking of me you would know I don't have time for chain mail shenanigans.

9. Too Many Filters and Too Many Angles

You know what – you are beautiful just the way you are. You don't have to tilt your head because you are worried about your weight and certainly don't need a filter.


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