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By Jack H. Smith
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Operational mill fund levy set for May 7


March 20, 2019

The Three Forks School Board of Trustees voted Tuesday to approve a resolution to set a May 7 operational mill fund levy for both the elementary and high school districts.

Both districts are seeking $55,000 for their general funds. The money would be used to add a third-grade teacher in the elementary district and a math/science teacher in the high school district.

The 5.4 mills in the elementary district would have an impact of $7.36 per year for a $100,000 home and $14.72 for a 200,000 home. The 5.5 mills in the high school district would have an impact of $7.49 on a 100,000 home and $14.98 on a $200,000 home.

Superintendent Jeff Elliot said they are asking the community to pass two levy’s and only wanted to take to them what they think is the minimum needed and put that in the general fund.

The Three Forks School Board of Trustees policy committee will be taking a closer look at closing the schools to out of district students.

At the Tuesday board meeting, Elliot told board members they could vote to close the district and then write a policy or to first come up with guidelines that would encompass what a closed district looks like.

Elliot said Three Forks is a district kids want to be in, but they are truly running out of space and they understand they have to limit that. He added they need to be cognizant of making sure the policy they put in place is going to answer all the questions they will have moving forward.

Elliot noted items that could be discussed by the committee include current students who could be “grandfathered” to remain in school, students whose parents are district teachers, and students in the Hilltop Subdivision, adding they have to be careful deciding on what is going to happen.

Board member Sheri Brown said they currently have a mechanism with the two Principals to control it and coming up with a policy before closing the district might be the best route.

Elliot said they want the kids in Three Forks to get the best education they can and that is not always possible when there is a crowded classroom.

Board chair Dale Kober suggested the idea of having the public involved with the discussion.

Read more about the meeting in next week’s Three Forks Voice.


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