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August 14, 2019

The school year in Three Forks will start August 21.

From the Desk of Mr. Fanning

Here we are looking at the calendar, and yes after the double-take we do come to the realization that in fact it is already mid-August. For some that means cramming in the last few summer outings, camping trips, river floats, etc. For others that means rushing out to hit back to school sales, not forgetting the ever-important school supplies.

For those in the teaching profession, myself included, August is met with excitement. Excitement for another year of doing what I love, excitement to see all the great staff members that I have the privilege of working with, and excitement to see how much each student at TFES has changed over the summer. Don't get me wrong, I love summer vacation. However there is something special about the start of another school year.

As we embark on another school year together I want to leave you with some food for thought about our District, our purpose, our staff, our students, and our extended school family.

We care about kids!

One of the biggest reasons for the success that we do see from our students comes down to the relationships that are built between the adults and the students at TFES. We love our students, and the staff at TFES wants the best for each of them. Our goal as a team is to always reflect on the impact each decision we make has on students and student achievement. There may be times when people may question this key value. We need to understand the long term impacts these decisions have. The immediate results may not seem beneficial to the individual, however the long term implications of decisions may in fact have a more lasting and positive impact. Our team will always make decisions that are best for kids.

TFES staff have an incredible task ahead of them every year.

Each year teachers come back to a class of anywhere from 17-30+ students (depending on which grade they teach). The dynamics of each class are very different, each containing a mixture of students at different levels in everything imaginable (academically, emotionally, and socially to keep things broad). These teachers are tasked with progressing these students appropriately in all of these different areas so that they can be prepared for the following grade level next August. This is not an easy task, especially when you factor in aspects such as a growing student population, lack of space/funding, along with the growing concerns of student mental health in schools to name a few. Even with the challenges that staff are faced with each year, they come in motivated and with the belief that they will make a difference in every child that they come across. I have seen what this collection of individuals can do for kids and they are outstanding. This is a great segway into the next topic.

TFES needs a solid partnership between home and school.

Another key to the success of elementary students is the involvement of parents within their child's education. This involvement can take many forms. It can be the parent that volunteers their time in the classroom. It can be the opportunity for parents to be active within the District, whether that is being an active member of the Parent Advisory Council or sitting in on District meetings. It can also be by supporting each child's ups and downs throughout the school year. At TFES we appreciate our parents and what they do for the District and most importantly for what they do to support their children.

School is not always going to be easy.

One thing I mentioned about parent involvement is being there to support children through their struggles and to take time to celebrate all of their successes, both big and small. Support is HUGE for students of all ages simply because school can be hard. Difficulties can come from any academic area but that is just the beginning. The day to day interactions with peers and with adults can be stressful. The staff at TFES will do everything possible to meet the diverse needs of the students that come through our doors each day. But again, I will add that our school team needs your help. We know that you are your son or daughter's biggest cheerleader and advocate, we encourage this and wouldn't expect anything different. However there will be times when instances arise and/or decisions are made that parents will disagree with. That is ok, the dialogue that we have can make our relationships stronger with a better understanding between both parties. All I ask is that you trust me and that you trust our TFES team. We have the best interests of your children in mind.

TF School District is changing and we need your help.

You should be seeing a theme here, we ask for help a lot. Anyone that has been in the District over the course of the last couple years understands that TFS is changing and will continue to do so. The District did attempt to run a bond to address the issues of our current campus, primarily to provide more space and a better environment for our students. This bond did unfortunately fail and the District has been hard at work to develop a new plan with hopes of gaining community input and support. This process will involve multiple opportunities for community members and parents to take an active role, share concerns/ideas, and hopefully show support for Three Forks School District. TFS District is changing. Many residents are not excited about this change, specifically the growth and what it has and will do to the community. Like it or not, we do need to prepare for it. In order to continue to provide the fantastic educational experience that does take place within the walls of TFS, community members will need to come together to discuss plans for addressing this growth while keeping our students in mind, as well as our taxpayers. If you are interested in taking an active role within this process stay connected to the District via the Facebook page, District website, as well as through the monthly school board meetings. You can also call the school to visit to our admin team as we are happy to sit down and hear your thoughts (285-6830).

Steve Fanning

Three Forks Elementary School Principal

[email protected]


TF Schools Grades 1-12 Open House

Three Forks School District would like to invite all Three Forks School families to the Open House event that will be taking place on Monday, August 19 from 6-7 p.m.

This Open House event is for students in grades 1-12. Kindergarten parents will have Kindergarten Orientation during a scheduled time on August 21-23.

This year's Open House is a little different, one reason being that it will be taking place prior to school starting. We feel that this will allow for more clarity on the first day of school. Allowing parents to ask more questions prior to school starting. Another change will be the format of the elementary school Open House.

This year the event will start with a whole group session that will be taking place in the New Gym at 6:00 p.m. This time will allow staff to share some common but important talking points with parents.

Following the whole group discussions, parents will be able to visit classrooms for more specific information.

We hope to see you on August 19th.

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