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By Jack H. Smith
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Our View: Be mindful of telephone, online scams


December 18, 2019

The other day I was sitting in the office when I received a voice recording that my stated Social Security Number had been suspended.

Because I have dealt with similar things in the past, I instantly knew this was a scam, but it was still very troubling. They wanted me to press "1" and would have then tried to get my Social Security Number. This is very dangerous because a lot of people get scared when they hear their number has been suspended when in fact it cannot happen. And once someone gives out their social security number bad things can happen.

This is just one example of the popular scams not only circulating in the Gallatin Valley and Montana, but across the United States. Other popular scams include callers reporting to be from the IRS, callers pretending to be from a law enforcement charity, or callers trying to get the person on the line to say "yes" so they can record it to say they have proof of you making a purchase.

Scammers are using both the phone and online measures to lure unsuspecting victims.

Scammers are also "spoofing" numbers to make people feel more comfortable to answer the call. Local residents are more likely to answer calls from local numbers.

These are just some of the examples of scams circulating and it is scary and local residents need to be very vigilant about them.

If you answer the phone and it is automatically a recording the best course of action is to hang up. Of course, there are circumstances like a call generated from a school for something like lunch money being due, but if it says it from the IRS or Social Security Administration it is not. They would not use a robocall.

Sometimes a simple trip to "Google" can quickly address concerns about a call. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Please be careful because scammers are getting a lot more sophisticated and never give out your personal information.


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