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By Jack H. Smith
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OUR VIEW: Portable signs could be big asset


February 12, 2020

During a town council meeting in late January, City Clerk Crystal Turner informed the governing body they would have extra money for street maintenance due to the gas tax income exceeding expectations.

During a discussion on what to do with the money, council member Debra Mickelberry suggested portable flashing speed signs as a possible use. Council member Gene Townsend also agreed, stating in her experience they are effective.

While no decision was made by the council, this could be a very good thing for the City of Three Forks.

The signs could be a huge asset to get people to slow down in Three Forks. When the portable sign is placed somewhere it serves as a strong reminder of how fast they are going and if they need to slow down. There are certainly plenty of places in town including by the school where this type of signs could be utilized. Sometimes people coming off the Interstate or Highway don't realize they are still going fast as they enter city limits and these signs are another way to send a message to them to slow it down.

The signs could also be an asset to law enforcement who could use the data collected to find the areas in town where speeding is a problem. This would pay dividends in the future of knowing when and where speed may be an issue.

It's always nice for any governing body to have some extra money and while just one possible use for this extra gas tax income, it would be a very good one.


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justme writes:

Why not install remote camera's


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