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Pathways plans to relocate facility

There are some big plans in the works at Pathways Assisted Living in Three Forks.

Owner Kathy Pruett recently said they have placed the building at 622 S. Main Street on the market and discussed plans to relocate the facility.

“Our desire is to relocate the facility to a more rural setting for residents to have a better quality of life,” she said.

With a new facility, Pruett added they will create more spacious rooms, and more activity spaces noting the winter months at the current location are difficult for residents.

“We are going to create an environment completely tailored to our client’s needs,” she said.

The new facility would also include employee housing.

Pruett feels it is important that people can work for them and have a place to live. She said people in the Gallatin Valley are making $20 an hour but have to rent a room because they cannot afford their own place.

“This will help with our hiring pool,” she said.

In addition to the new facility, Pruett also wanted to dispel rumors circulating about the business.

Pruett stressed the facility is very much open and is not shutting down. Pruett said they provide excellent care, and rumors about the status of the business have been unfair to people who need their services.

Although she readily admits it has been a rough few weeks with false rumors circulating in Three Forks, Pruett wants area residents to know they are here to provide outstanding care and meet the needs of their clients.

Pathways Assisted Living was opened over 25 years ago, and Pruett and her husband purchased it six years ago. She said the belief of the facility is treating the whole person. With her husband being a former firefighter and EMT and herself having a Master’s in Counseling, they bring a more holistic approach to treating the elderly.

Pruett said they bring a ‘Simulated Family Environment” with their care, which has been positive for those with cognitive issues.

“We want them to have a safe space to be themselves,” she said.

For more information about Pathways Assisted Living, please call 406-285-5227.