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Wolves track team to open season Thursday in Columbus

The Three Forks High School Track and Field team will have a large roster in 2023, with around 40 student-athletes signed up to compete.

With the season opener on March 30 at the Snowflake Invitation in Columbus, Head Coach Casey McWethy said the first couple weeks of practice have been focused on getting the team in shape and breaking their legs in.

"Our distance runners are getting after it daily. Our sprinters have been doing various prep work, including strength training and yoga. Our throwers have been focused on developing technique. They also have been strength training. Our field athletes are just getting into their events. As the weather cooperates, we expect more work to get done there," McWethy said.

This year's team will be the first under the direction of McWethy, who is replacing longtime Head Coach Tracy Welter.

"Coming into this season, I knew I'd be replacing a coach who loved this time of year, and that is contagious. Taking over, I really want to focus on picking up on her commitment and establishing my brand and vision. Luckily, I have some really good coaches on staff that love this as well. We are all on the same page and know that we go as our athletes go," said McWethy. "We all know it's important to have a great process and make sure the students have a great experience. With that we can accomplish many things here. That is where my excitement stems from."

Looking at the roster, McWethy said all the student-athletes are worth mentioning.

"But I am excited to see Beau Johnston, Bryon Fanning, Josh Barnett, Michael McIlwraith, Kylie Rowan, Morgan Carr, Josh Delger, Bella Jones, Zandra Potts, Brielle Davis, and Devynn Judd compete. A new face to track, senior Reid Woodward brings some speed and athletic ability that will show up on the track. Again, all our athletes are worth mentioning," he said.

As far as expectations for the start of the season, McWethy said it would be a building process.

"We want to use meets early in the season to expose the team to how meets work and allow them to get comfortable. This is so that when we get to later in the season, we are running on all cylinders. We will take March 30 as a learning experience. For most of our athletes, it will be their first time competing at a track meet," he said.

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