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Letter to the Editor: Support of Republican candidate Jeff Welborn PSC commissioner District #3

I’m writing this letter in support of Republican candidate Jeff Welborn PSC commissioner District #3. I have known Jeff for over 20 years and served in the legislature with him for 14 years. He is a very dedicated elected official. As a Representative and Senator he always put his constituents first.

As the chairman of the Senate Natural Resource Committee, Jeff always listened to those testifying and also making sure his constituents were taken care of. As a Senator myself whose main focus was on energy Jeff was always there to help me out.

Jeff will focus on the issues facing energy and how it effects agriculture, industry, small business and the residential customer. They really need someone with strong agriculture and small business background, also one with a steady hand that can think for themself.

Take a few minutes to research what the PSC is tasked with. The effect of who you vote for affects us every day. A radical agenda has no place on the PSC. The job is to protect the rate payer, no doubt Jeff will do just that.

Jeff can provide the common-sense leadership, and is your plug an play candidate. Meaning that the minute he is elected he has the experience to go to work for Montana rate payers. The last District #3 commissioner was a good one, elect one again, that will keep up the good work.

Senator Duane Ankney (ret)

Colstrip MT

Former Chair of House Energy,

House Appropriations, And Senate Energy.

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