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Our View: Be vigilant about City Parks

In a Facebook post last week, the City of Three Forks shared some troubling news about recent issues at City Parks.

The issues encountered include kicking over sprinkler heads, digging up a park, vandalizing bathrooms and other buildings, trying to break equipment, burning toilet paper in the bathrooms, not cleaning up after pets, and “other disgusting things we have to pay someone to clean.”

The City of Three Forks is blessed to have a lot of nice parks that residents of all ages utilize. To see vandalism and other issues happening is unacceptable. In a smaller town like Three Forks, city employees have their plates full and don’t need the added responsibility of cleaning up unnecessary messes. It’s unfair to them or residents that these problems take their time when they could be doing something else.

With the City spending more money now than ever on park issues, it’s important for all residents who visit or live by the facilities to be extra vigilant.

If something does not look right, report it to the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office.

While most people who visit the parks, young and old, are only there to have fun, a few bad apples are ruining it. With the uptick in vandalism, people need to keep an eye out for anything that looks suspicious. If your kids are headed to the park, it never hurts to ask them if they encounter anyone who was up to no good.

The parks in the City of Three Forks should be nothing but positive; unfortunately, this is happening.

A few weeks into June, there will be many more people using the parks, and hopefully, the recent news shared by City officials is a reminder to keep an eye out for something that doesn’t look right.