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Our View: Be Safe this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is always a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to get together to celebrate, and setting off fireworks has become synonymous with the holiday commemorating America's birthday.

While our kids are older now, it was always such a fun time to take them to the local fireworks stand and to see the joy they would get later in the evening. It's also always great to go to the local stands that help raise money for local youth programs like wrestling.

As fun of a time as so many have with fireworks, it's also important to remember to be safe and courteous to those around you.

The Three Forks area is lucky to have some amazing volunteer firefighters who give so much back to the community. The last thing they need on a holiday is to be away from their families for an extended time because someone wasn't using common sense. Of course, there will always be some minor incidents that responders will need to go to, but they could save a lot of hassle if people followed the tips provided by the department on page 1 of this week's Voice.

Fire season in Montana is always a scary time of year, and unnecessary fires caused by fireworks set off where they shouldn't be taking up a lot of resources when the incident could have been avoided.

While no county-wide ordinance addresses fireworks, the City has regulations on when they can be set off. While some may have time off, there will be people who have to work in the morning and others who don't care to hear the noise well past when they should. Following the regulations is a good thing to do for those around you.

Being prepared with water and using safety around fireworks is also essential. Many injuries could be avoided by simply following instructions and keeping an eye on children.

Going to Bellach Park to set off fireworks on the Fourth of July has become popular for Three Forks residents. The City is kind enough to provide a dumpster, but it's important to remember to properly soak fireworks in water after use so the fire department does not have to respond to the park. Proper disposal of fireworks should happen not only in Bellach Park but everywhere fireworks are utilized.

With the Fourth of July falling on a Thursday in 2024, some will have a four-day weekend, offering more opportunities for celebrations and recreation.

With a long weekend, it is essential to remember the dangers of drinking and driving during a time when many will be out on the roads.

The start of 2024 witnessed an alarming number of wrong-way drivers on Interstate 90 who were under the influence, and this sadly ended with a fatal accident near Three Forks.

For those who plan on drinking, please find someone who can get you home safely.

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