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Historical Society meeting set for July 11

The July meeting for the Three Forks Area Historical Society will be Thursday, July 11th, at 7 p.m. in the Methodist Annex due to the 4th of July holiday (on the first Thursday of the month). Items on the agenda include discussion of the rodeo parade float, planning for Walking Tacos on August 1st at Farmers’ Market and updates on the caboose and pavilion construction.

Other news about the Historical Society this summer is that we can now be followed on Instagram with our own QR code (Thanks to our terrific MSU student intern!) and we now accept credit cards at our gift shops for both museums. We would like to remind the class reunions about our school display at the Headwaters Heritage Museum and a new video program of old pictures of Trident and Three Forks at the depot. The video program was created by Greg Stockburger and is a great addition to the depot museum!

Don’t miss out on all the fun we have at the Historical Society meetings! See you on July 11th!

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