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Broadwater County launches TextMyGov

Broadwater County has officially launched TextMyGov, a service that will send text alerts and notifications to residents, providing information including road closures, public hearings, and voter registration.

Broadwater County Commissioner Lindsey Richtmyer encouraged residents to sign up for the service by texting BCNOTIFY to 91896.

Richtmyer said getting the word out about news and announcements can be difficult, and the county hopes this will help communicate with residents, especially in the south/Wheatland area of the county.

"Since most people have a phone, we are hoping this method will help with that communication," she said.

Broadwater County Sheriff Nick Rauser said his office will utilize the new service.

"Hopefully, this will help get information out to the right people when it's needed," Rauser said.

According to County officials, residents may receive a text message from 91896, which will be a legitimate text from Broadwater County. No information will be shared with any third-party sources, and only official Broadwater County notifications will be sent.

Residents can also sign up for email notifications on the Broadwater County website at

For location-specific text notifications, please email your full name, phone number, and physical address to [email protected] with your full name, phone number, and physical address to add you to the TextMyGovmap database.

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