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With temps rising, fire departments offers tips for home safety

With temperatures expected to reach 100 degrees this week, the Three Forks Fire Department is offering tips for keeping area residents' homes safe.

"As we look ahead to the hot weather this week, with possible temperatures in the 100s, our command staff is very concerned about the wildfire potential. If you live out of town, now is the time to make sure to keep your home safe," Training Captain Charles Eastty said.

Tips provided by the Department Include:

Create Defensible Space:

Clear vegetation and combustible materials within at least 30 feet of your home. Remove dead plants, grass, and weeds. Trim trees and shrubs, and ensure branches are at least 10 feet away from other trees.

Keep your lawn well-watered and mowed.

This defensible space can slow the spread of fire and provide a safe area for firefighters to work.

Maintain Your Property:

1. Regularly clean your roof and gutters of leaves, pine needles, and other debris that could ignite.

2. Store firewood and other flammable materials at least 30 feet from your home.

3. Ensure that your chimney is fitted with a spark arrestor.

4. Keep a garden hose long enough to reach any part of your house, and consider installing exterior sprinklers to help keep your property wet during high-risk periods.

Use Fire-Resistant Building Materials:

When building or renovating, use fire-resistant materials for your roof, siding, and decking. Metal, tile, or asphalt shingles are more fire-resistant compared to wood. Install ember-resistant vents to prevent embers from entering your home. Additionally, use double-pane or tempered glass windows, which are less likely to break under intense heat.


According to Eastty, the 4th of July was relatively slow for the department. On July 3 and July 4, they had four calls for service, including a small outbuilding structure fire, a small grass fire, a mutual aid call, and a good intent call for a motor vehicle crash.

"We love it when the community is safe and does not have emergencies," Eastty said.