Week of June 12, 2024

  • Firefighters respond to wildland fire on Interstate 90

    Charles Eastty, Training Captain, Three Forks Fire Department

    On June 5, 2024, the Three Forks Fire Department was dispatched to a wildland fire on Interstate 90 at mile marker 280, presenting significant challenges for both local residents and emergency responders. Reports indicated that the fire had been sparked by a train, igniting the brush. This information was quickly confirmed by multiple callers, prompting a swift and coordinated response from various emergency units. Montana Rail Link (MRL) was advised of the situation, and the train involved was...

  • Look Out for Harmful Algal Blooms When Recreating this Summer

    When recreating on Montana's waterbodies, be on the lookout for harmful algal blooms (HABs) that can occur on Montana's lakes and reservoirs. HABs can release toxins that can impact human and animal health. Report suspected HABs at HAB.mt.gov to help alert others and prevent illness. How to identify a HAB: • A coloration or scum in the water that can look like spilled paint, pea soup, or grass clippings. • Often blue, green or red in color. HABs can occur when certain water conditions...

  • State environmental quality director appointed to lead highway department

    Eric Dietrich, Montana Free Press

    The office of Gov. Greg Gianforte announced Thursday that Chris Dorrington, a longtime state official who has led the Montana Department of Environmental Quality since 2021, will be taking the helm at the Montana Department of Transportation. DEQ, which among other duties regulates water quality, mining and some aspects of subdivision development, will be led by current Air, Energy and Mining Division Administrator Sonja Nowakowski. Both appointments take effect July 1, the governor's office...

  • Colberg wins scholarship from international society for optics and photonics

    Three students in the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering at Montana State University including Luke Colberg from Three Forks have won scholarships from SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. Colberg won the $5,000 Laser Technology, Engineering and Applications Scholarship; Jordan Baker won the $5,000 Women in Optics Scholarship; and Steve Shea won an unnamed scholarship of $3,500. "The fact that our students are winning scholarships shows that they're being recognized...

  • Three Forks voters deny local government study, measure passes in Gallatin County

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    In the June 4 election, voters in the City of Three Forks decided against commissioning a study of local government. The results differed county-wide, with Gallatin County residents approving moving forward with the study. In the unofficial final results from the Gallatin County Elections Department, 199 Three Forks residents voted for, and 229 voted against the question that the Montana Constitution allows once every ten years. In Gallatin County, 13,700 voted for and 11,094 voted against the question. Now that the measure has been passed in... Full story

  • Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper education events scheduled in southwestern Montana

    Several classes and field days for Hunter, Bowhunter and Trapper Education students have been scheduled in southwestern Montana including in Logan and Bozeman. Hunter and Bowhunter Education students can take a course online or in-person. Online students under age 18 must also complete an in-person field day. Trapper Education includes an online course and an in-person field day for all students. To learn more about age requirements for these courses visit https://fwp.mt.gov/education/hunter-education. In-person classes are free, and...

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 9, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 10, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/09/24 00:02 CFS24-079239 PATROL CHECK W ALLISON AVE and 9TH ST (26.1 feet) LE - Documented 00:06 CFS24-079242 PATROL CHECK LE - Documented 00:11 CFS24-079247 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Documented 00:17 CFS24-079252 77 LE - Agency Assist 00:19 CFS24-079253 NON INJURY LE - Agency Assist 00:23 CFS24-079255 AGENCY ASSIST INTERSTATE 90 HWY and ACCESS (0.1 LE - Agency Assist 00:27 CFS24-079257 FRAUD LORELEI DR and JADE ST (35.3 feet) LE - Case Generated... Full story

  • Lynch, Swanson, Wilson and Bidegaray advance to Montana Supreme Court general election

    Arren Kimbel-Sannit, Montana Free Press

    The four most prominent candidates for the Montana Supreme Court all advanced from their primary elections Tuesday evening. With almost all ballots counted, Broadwater County Attorney Cory Swanson captured 46% of the vote and came in first in the primary for chief justice of the Montana Supreme Court, followed by former federal magistrate Jerry Lynch, who took 37% of the vote. In the race for the second open seat on the high court, eastern Montana district court Judge Katherine Bidegaray came in first with 48% of the vote, followed by...

  • May weather improves water supply outlook, yet more precipitation is needed

    Summer is just around the corner, and recent weather helped improve the water supply outlook as the 2024 snow accumulation season wraps up in Montana. However, the outlook remains below normal in most locations. "Last month brought a mix of snow, rain, and sunshine across Montana. While that is not uncommon weather for this time of the year, some locations did not receive the moisture they needed," said Eric Larson, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Water Supply Specialist. The...

  • Broadwater County Sheriff's Report June 2 - 8, 2024

    MEDIA REPORT Printed on June 10, 2024 CFS Date/Time Street Name Code : Description 06/02/24 07:34 24 : 24/7 06/02/24 07:59 24 : 24/7 06/02/24 08:50 24 : 24/7 06/02/24 09:30 Traffic Complaint : Traffic Complaint 06/02/24 09:42 TSTOP : Traffic Stop 06/02/24 11:31 TSTOP : Traffic Stop 06/02/24 11:53 TSTOP : Traffic Stop 06/02/24 13:10 TSTOP : Traffic Stop 06/02/24 13:50 ANTELOPE RD FRAUD : Fraud 06/02/24 13:51 S FRONT ST ANIMAL : Animal 06/02/24 13:59 N WALNUT ST ANIMAL : Animal 06/02/24 15:37 CITASST : Citizen Assist 06/02/24 15:47 REC :... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 10, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 11, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/10/24 00:02 CFS24-079672 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:04 CFS24-079673 PATROL CHECK GALLATIN RD and JAYS WAY (76.9 feet) LE - Documented 00:07 CFS24-079674 PATROL CHECK MILL ST and ADAMS ST (29.3 feet) LE - Documented 00:18 CFS24-079676 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Documented 00:18 CFS24-079677 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Citation 00:28 CFS24-079678 PATROL CHECK NORRIS RD and JACKRABBIT LN (103.3 LE - Documented 00:48 CFS24-079683 PATROL CHECK REMINGTON WAY and S... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 8, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 9, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/08/24 00:02 CFS24-078775 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Case Generated 00:38 CFS24-078786 PATROL CHECK NORRIS RD and RIVER RD (0.0 miles) LE - Documented 00:45 CFS24-078790 TRAFFIC STOP E VALLEY CENTER RD and FREMONT LE - Warning 00:57 CFS24-078795 PATROL CHECK BULL TROUT RD and JACKRABBIT LN LE - Documented 00:58 CFS24-078796 PATROL CHECK RIVER ROCK RD and NORTH SHORE DRLE - Documented 01:02 CFS24-078797 TRAFFIC STOP INTERSTATE 90 HWY and ACCESS (0.1 LE -... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 11, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 12, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/11/24 00:05 CFS24-080188 OUT W/ VEHICLE N 19TH AVE and COMMERCE WAY (53.1 LE - Documented 00:12 CFS24-080191 PATROL CHECK JACKRABBIT LN and SPANISH PEAK DR LE - Documented 00:25 CFS24-080195 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Documented 01:30 CFS24-080212 BURGLARY CLINTON LN and E RIVER ROCK RD LE - 02:15 CFS24-080222 PATROL CHECK BUSINESS HUB DR and DRIVEWAY LE - Documented 02:33 CFS24-080225 PUBLIC ASSIST S 16TH AVE and DRIVEWAY (37.6 feet) LE - Documented...

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 12, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 13, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/12/24 00:07 CFS24-080701 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:07 CFS24-080702 BURGLAR UNDER PAR TRL and CURLEY BEAR RD LE - 00:09 CFS24-080705 DUI LE - GOA / UTL 00:11 CFS24-080707 PATROL CHECK REMINGTON WAY and S 19TH AVE LE - Documented 00:18 CFS24-080710 PATROL CHECK LE - Documented 00:19 CFS24-080711 WELFARE CHECK GALLATIN RD and SWAN CREEK RD (0.1LE - Documented 00:32 CFS24-080717 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:35 CFS24-080718 SUBJECT STOP W... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 7, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 8, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/07/24 00:01 CFS24-078297 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:12 CFS24-078300 TRAFFIC STOP PHEASANT TAIL LN and GOLDEN LE - Case Generated 00:26 CFS24-078303 GUNSHOTS VIGILANTE TRL and FRONTIER DR (74.5 LE - Documented 01:04 CFS24-078313 PATROL CHECK JACKRABBIT LN and DRIVEWAY (97.3 LE - Documented 01:12 CFS24-078315 PATROL CHECK HEIGHTS CIR and MAMMOTH FORK DR LE - Documented 01:12 CFS24-078316 TRAFFIC HAZARD INTERSTATE 90 HWY and OFF RAMP LE -... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report June 13, 2024

    GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on June 14, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 06/13/24 00:11 CFS24-081115 PATROL CHECK W CAMERON BRIDGE RD and LE - Documented 00:14 CFS24-081116 OUT W/ VEHICLE W CAMERON BRIDGE RD and LE - Warning 00:23 CFS24-081118 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:36 CFS24-081120 PATROL CHECK RIVER ROCK RD and NORTH SHORE DRLE - Documented 00:40 CFS24-081121 DOMESTIC RAINBOW RD and S 3RD AVE (115.8 LE - Case Generated 01:07 CFS24-081124 AGENCY ASSIST GALLATIN RD and DRIVEWAY (14.6 feet) LE - GOA / UTL 02:04... Full story

  • Senior Cheerleaders headed to East-West Shrine Game

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    The Three Forks High School Cheer team will be well represented at the 77th annual East-West Shrine Game. Seniors Ericka Johnson, Paige Lien, and Ari Judd were all selected to cheer at the Saturday, June 15 game in Billings. Fellow senior Sarah Christman was chosen as an alternate. For Wolves Head Coach Tawni Regier, it is incredibly exciting for the program to see cheerleaders selected to participate in the game, which raises money and public awareness for the Shriner's Children's Hospital in... Full story

  • Our View: Be vigilant about City Parks

    In a Facebook post last week, the City of Three Forks shared some troubling news about recent issues at City Parks. The issues encountered include kicking over sprinkler heads, digging up a park, vandalizing bathrooms and other buildings, trying to break equipment, burning toilet paper in the bathrooms, not cleaning up after pets, and “other disgusting things we have to pay someone to clean.” The City of Three Forks is blessed to have a lot of nice parks that residents of all ages utilize. To see vandalism and other issues happening is... Full story

  • Column: One dog gets the rest of them going

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    In late 2023, the house Melissa and I were renting was put up for sale, and unfortunately, it was way out of our price range. While it probably doesn’t do me any good to carry many regrets, I wish we had purchased a home when we first moved to Montana in the summer of 2015. The housing market was just a bit different then, and we should have jumped on that opportunity. There is certainly a lot to enjoy about the new home, and we’ve settled in well; I miss the quiet from four years of living out in the “country.” There was something... Full story

  • Three Forks Area Ambulance hosting fundraiser

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    Three Forks Area Ambulance is hosting a fundraiser later this week. The event, which will take place on Saturday, June 15, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Sawdust and Steel Brewing at 123 W. Elm in Three Forks, will include a raffle and silent auction to raise money for the service. Barbara Mutter with Three Forks Area Ambulance (TFAA) discussed the importance of the event. According to Barbara Mutter, the non-profit service has responded to an average of 320 calls per year in the past five years.... Full story

  • Bridger Brewing announces lineup for 2024 Summer Concert Series

    Bridger Brewing is thrilled to announce the return of its highly anticipated Summer Concert Series for 2024. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Three Forks, this year's concert lineup promises to deliver unforgettable evenings filled with live music, delicious craft brews, and vibrant community spirit. "We are delighted to welcome music lovers back to Bridger Brewing for another spectacular summer of live performances," said Bridger Brewing owner, David Breck. "Our Summer Concert Series... Full story

  • Bozeman Symphony String Quartet offering free concert in Manhattan

    Everyone is welcome to celebrate summer and Make Music Day at a free Community Concert featuring a Bozeman Symphony String Quartet on Friday, June 21, from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Manhattan High School Gym. The Bozeman Symphony offers Access Concerts to provide rural and healthcare communities access to professional chamber music performances. Recognizing the impact of music and community on mental and emotional health, these performances inspire, engage, unite, and uplift people of the Gallatin Valley, directly contributing to the quality... Full story

  • Programs scheduled for more June weekends at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

    More interpretive programs have been scheduled through the end of June at Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park. The park's Friday- and Saturday-evening events will each begin at 8 p.m. at the campground amphitheater and last about an hour. • June 14: Songs of the Dawn Priests: Join guest speaker Franco Littlelight who uses storytelling, art, poetry, music and song to present the history of the Crow Tribe. • June 15: Night Skies at Lewis & Clark Caverns: This popular program is back to highlight...

  • Three Forks Area Ambulance Community Update: May 2024

    Three Forks Ambulance had a busy May with 32 emergency calls. TFAA transported 12 of these calls to Bozeman Health Deaconess Regional Medical Center. The other calls TFAA Crew responded to were refusals or folks checked out, but no transport was necessary. TFAA Crew Members aided several Fire Departments at a wildland fire that was set off by railway cars. TFAA crew members participated in the BIG Multiple Casualty Drill at Gallatin Field on May 4,2024. TFAA crew Members trained on May 27th with Billings/MED AIR helicopter at Willow Creek...

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