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Opinion: Montana Farm Bureau opposes river control initiative

The Montana Farm Bureau has joined more than 50 groups in opposing I-191 which would subject large stretches of the Gallatin and Madison rivers to the same strict regulations currently found only in national parks and wilderness areas. The result...

 By Jack H. Smith    Opinion    May 18, 2022 

Column: Working at home

Until March of 2020, I had never spent much time working from home. Occasionally I would write a story at home, but I preferred to do it at the office. I always tried my best to separate work from home and going to the office to write allowed me to d...


Letter to the Editor: Thanks to resident who bought meal

The New Horizons Group of Whitehall would like to thank the generosity of the kind lady who paid for our meal last Wednesday afternoon (May 11), at the Three Forks Peking China Restaurant. We were so pleasantly surprised, and we want to thank you...

 By Ellie West    Opinion    May 18, 2022 

Coaches Corner: Living in Harmony

How do we live in harmony with others? We encounter people every day who are just more difficult to love. People in this category may have different beliefs, opinions, or viewpoints than we do, and we can often find ourselves frustrated or...


Guest Editorial: It's time to stop warehousing people with dementia at the State Hospital

One of us is a Republican legislator representing rural Gallatin County. The other is a Democratic legislator representing the city of Missoula. Despite our political differences, we are committed to taking action to end the crisis at the Montana... Full story

 By Ellie West    Opinion    May 11, 2022

Coaches Corner: Follow your Heart

Throughout history, many cultures have emphasized the importance of following our hearts or listening to our hearts. When we speak of the "heart" we are not referring to the physical organ but our spiritual heart. Our heart is the key to our deepest...


Letter to the Editor: Hamilton running for House District 69

To the voters of House District 69: In the last legislative session, our lawmakers spent less time searching for solutions to problems our communities are facing, and more time on nationally-driven issues. Our district deserves better, and I am... Full story

 By Walt Sales    Opinion    May 4, 2022

Guest Editorial: I-191 restricts public access, agriculture, and more in Southwest Montana

As part of a multigeneration farm/ranch family in the Gallatin Valley, I understand the vital importance of protecting our land and water resources. Farmers' and ranchers' stewardship of the land and water is our livelihood. When I heard of the... Full story


Letter: Boyer running for Gallatin County Attorney

My name is Bjorn Boyer and I am asking for your vote to be the next Gallatin County Attorney. I am the only candidate in the Democratic primary that possesses the experience, leadership, and ideas to guide the criminal justice system in Gallatin... Full story


Column: Music on MTV

I’m old enough to remember when MTV played videos rather than a 24/7 schedule that does not include any music. Earlier this year, I giggled when I saw they still host the MTV Music Awards and found this strange since they most likely haven’t...


Our View: Importance of rummage sale, food bank

Later this week, the Three Forks United Methodist Church will start accepting donations for their Spring Rummage Sale. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to go through items they may not use that could be donated for an extremely...


Column: Snow Day

Just when I thought winter had taken its final bow, last week was a perfect example of this was not the case. Mother Nature will do whatever it wants, and I might have to wait a few weeks to bring out the lawnmower. Growing up in Wyoming and having...


Opinion: Daines, Risch response to Haaland editorial

Idaho and Montana’s successful recovery of the gray wolf was a significant achievement in species conservation. In less than ten years, not only were biological recovery targets for gray wolves met, they were exceeded. Unfortunately, delisting of t...


Column: Poppers

The older I get, the less social life I have, and I am completely okay with this. I remember often being told that I was a “social butterfly,” but those days are long gone, and I’m fine with getting done with work and getting into pajamas hours... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Superintendent discusses general fund levy

Dear Three Forks Community Parents & Stakeholders, A $241,650 high school district and $398,350 elementary general fund levy will be on the May ballot following a unanimous vote by the Three Forks Public Schools Board of Trustees. Three Forks... Full story


Guest Opinion: Say no to the special session

It is important to correct the record relating to recent representations about Montana's respected 100-plus year history of conducting fair elections: There has been no credible evidence of systemic fraud in Montana elections. In fact, the Montana Se... Full story

 By Jack H. Smith    Opinion    April 6, 2022

Column: What did you shoot Shawn?

As I was writing a high school golf story last week, it started to bring back memories of when I decided to join the team before my freshman year in Wyoming. I had been on a golf course since I could walk, so it was only natural I join the team...


Letter: Rauser give campaign update

Dear Editor/Voters of Broadwater County, When I started this journey, running for office was something that I never thought I would do. Throughout my career I have had the pleasure of having many mentors and leaders that have helped shape me into...


Guest Editorial: Regulations stand in the way of attainable housing

We are five of the youngest lawmakers in the Montana Legislature. At 20, 21, 24, 29, and 31 years old, we are in various stages of renting and home ownership, and all of us are concerned about the housing crisis facing Montana. In every one of our... Full story


Letter to the Editor: Thank you from the bottom of my heart

My heart is still smiling. I am absolutely humbled and so grateful for all the amazing friends and family we have been blessed to have in our lives! As I write I’m brought to tears from the amount of love, compassion, kind words, letters, gifts,... Full story


Letter: Cromwell running for Gallatin County Attorney

Dear Community Members, This is the first time Gallatin County will choose a new County Attorney in 25 years – it’s critically important that we get this right! As you learn more about my record of public service and the strategies I will use to... Full story

 By Hank Worsech    Opinion    March 23, 2022

Guest Opinion: Finding access solutions for elk management and elk hunting

Montana elk management has been in the news more than usual lately. The big issue is the lack of public access in areas overburdened by huge elk herds and FWP's attempts to reduce those numbers. Here's some background to help you make sense of what... Full story


Guest Editorial: Support for Ukraine and Democracy Must Be Bipartisan

As I watched Russian troops march across the Ukrainian border in an unprovoked war that immediately made the world less safe for our kids and grandkids, I thought about the words of a World War I veteran from Great Falls named Mike Mansfield, spoken...


Commissioner Brown: Congratulations to Three Forks basketball team

Congratulations to the Three Forks boys varsity basketball team on bringing home the Class B State Championship trophy! It takes years of sweat equity to pull of such a feat, and you boys - and your families – ought to be so proud. You have honored...


Guest Editorial: We need more housing

Montana has been discovered. We were the second-fastest-growing state in the country last year. Our rapidly increasing population presents many challenges and opportunities, and it's also driving a... Full story


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