Week of February 28, 2024

  • Three Forks drops Southern B opener to Lodge Grass

    In a back-and-forth game that featured plenty of runs by both teams, the Three Forks High School Boys’ Basketball team opened the Southern B Divisional Tournament at the Metra in Billings on February 28 with a 74-66 loss to Lodge Grass. Three Forks would come storming back after falling behind 10-0 with 5:45 left in the opening quarter. After tying the game at 14-14 with two Colten Hayder free throws with 15.5 seconds left in the first, Caleb Van Vleet would get a rebound off a free throw,... Full story

  • Frank named VFW Montana Teacher of Year

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    It was a wonderful moment on Monday, February 26, at the Willow Creek School with music teacher Lucy Frank receiving the 2024 VFW Montana K-5 Teacher of the Year award. Frank was honored at a special ceremony hosted by the VFW Ray Lau Post 7621 and is now eligible for the Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher, given annually to the nation's top elementary, junior high, and high school teachers who teach citizenship education topics regularly and promote America's history and... Full story

  • Demand for these health care jobs is increasing most in Montana


    Scrubs could become an essential part of the wardrobe for millions more Americans as health care jobs grow across the country. The aging U.S. population is rapidly increasing demand for many jobs in the health sector, which has become the fastest-growing part of the national economy. Although many medical jobs require advanced degrees—physicians, nurses, surgeons, etc.—the role growing fastest across most states is generally accessible to anyone with a high school diploma. The job? Home...

  • Long-distance rail route through southern Montana garners another nod from feds

    Amanda Eggert, Montana Free Press

    A Chicago-to-Seattle passenger rail route that passes through some of Montana's most populous counties has been included in a list of 15 long-distance routes tapped for restoration by the federal government. The development marks the second time federal regulators have spotlighted the Big Sky Passenger Rail Authority's efforts to bring additional passenger train service to Montana. During a meeting on Feb. 8, the Federal Railroad Administration also provided a bit more detail on where the North...

  • Health Care Workers Push for Their Own Confidential Mental Health Treatment

    Katheryn Houghton, KFF Health News

    States are redefining when medical professionals can get mental health treatment without risking notifying the boards that regulate their licenses. Too often, health care workers wait to seek counseling or addiction treatment, causing their work and patient care to suffer, said Jean Branscum, CEO of the Montana Medical Association, an industry group representing doctors. “They’ve invested so much time in their career,” Branscum said. “To have anything jeopardize that is a big worry on their mind.” Montana, like other states, has a...

  • Missouri Headwaters State Park receives River Fund Trust grant

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    A project to add bear-proof garbage and food storage boxes in the camping and use areas of Missouri Headwaters State Park near Three Forks was one of nine public recreation improvement projects awarded grant and matching funds in 2024 from the Missouri-Madison River Fund Trust and Northwestern Energy. $164,446 from NorthWestern Energy and $369,703 from the Missouri-Madison River Fund will be combined with $224,780 from agency and project partners for over $750,000 for the nine projects. According to a release, Northwestern Energy will... Full story

  • Low snowpack may mean low water year in Madison Valley, NorthWestern Energy monitoring conditions and working with stakeholders

    Hebgen Reservoir area snowpack levels are less than 75% of the 30-year median level, one indication that there may be low water levels in the Madison Valley in the summer and fall. "2024 may be another challenging water management year on the Madison River with potentially too little water to fully meet all of the needs in the system," NorthWestern Energy Director of Hydro Operations Jeremy Clotfelter said. "NorthWestern Energy is monitoring conditions and forecasts closely, while working with...

  • Gallatin City-County Health Department Collaborates with Solid Waste Management to Establish E-Cigarette Disposal Program

    Over 75% of e-cigarette users don't dispose of their devices properly, with a majority of them putting these devices in the trash. With 26% of youth and 6% of adults in Montana regularly using these products, there is a big risk of harming the environment if this problem is not addressed. In response to this challenge, the Gallatin City-County Health Department has collaborated with Gallatin County Solid Waste Management to establish an e-cigarette disposal program to reduce the number of... Full story

  • Learn more about Advanced placement, Dual Credit programs at Three Forks High School

    Three Forks Schools

    Dear Parents of Three Forks High School Students: We would like to invite you to attend an informational evening about our Advanced Placement and Dual Credit Programs on Thursday, March 14 at 6:00 p.m. in the High School Library. As students have received their registration materials, they will need to make some important decisions about the classes they will take next year. Most of the Advanced Placement classes and some of the dual enrollment classes have prerequisites that require even... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 27, 2024

    Page 1 of 7 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 28, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/27/24 00:03 CFS24-028834 PATROL CHECK DRIVEWAY and E CAMERON BRIDGE LE - Documented 00:41 CFS24-028845 PATROL CHECK W CAMERON BRIDGE RD and LE - Documented 01:12 CFS24-028854 PATROL CHECK TOWN CENTER AVE and HUNTLEY DR LE - Documented 01:51 CFS24-028862 BURGLAR NUGGET LN and DRIVEWAY (18.0 feet) LE - 03:23 CFS24-028875 BURGLAR CRUISER LN and JACKRABBIT RD (88.9 LE - Documented 05:43 CFS24-028886 RECKLESS INTERSTATE 90 HWY and... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 26, 2024

    Page 1 of 8 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 27, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/26/24 00:35 CFS24-028324 PATROL CHECK E VALLEY CENTER RD and FREMONT LE - Documented 00:45 CFS24-028325 PUBLIC ASSIST E VALLEY CENTER RD and FREMONT LE - Public Assist 00:46 CFS24-028326 PATROL CHECK W CAMERON BRIDGE RD and LE - Documented 00:50 CFS24-028328 911 HANG UP SYPES CANYON RD and DRIVEWAY LE - Documented 01:34 CFS24-028334 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 02:03 CFS24-028340 PATROL CHECK FRONTAGE RD and N 7TH AVE (0.1 LE -... Full story

  • Commerce Awards Nearly $5 Million of Grant Funding to Support Emergency Shelters

    The Montana Department of Commerce announced today that nearly $5 million of grant funding has been allocated to 10 non-profit organizations to support homeless shelters with new construction, capital improvements and shelter space acquisition for Montanans who are experiencing homelessness. The funding is through Commerce’s Emergency Shelter Facility Grant (ESFG) Program. “Through these Emergency Shelter Facility grants, we are able to provide vital support to organizations that provide a safe place to stay for those who are currently...

  • Broadwater County Sheriff's Report February 18-24, 2024

    Page 1 of 6 MEDIA REPORT Printed on February 26, 2024 CFS Date/Time Street Name Code : Description 02/18/24 00:22 HWY 287 NB TSTOP : Traffic Stop 02/18/24 00:33 HWY 287 NB TSTOP : Traffic Stop 02/18/24 00:52 HWY 287 NB TSTOP : Traffic Stop 02/18/24 02:50 HWY 287 NB TSTOP : Traffic Stop 02/18/24 06:50 FOLLOWUP : Follow up 02/18/24 08:28 FOLLOWUP : Follow up 02/18/24 09:27 WARRANT : Warrant Service 02/18/24 09:30 SHEPS RD CS : Civil Standby 02/18/24 09:50 US HIGHWAY 287 WELFARE : Welfare Check 02/18/24 11:05 FOLLOWUP : Follow up 02/18/24 11:08... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 23, 2024

    Page 1 of 7 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 24, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/23/24 00:03 CFS24-026762 RECKLESS BOARDWALK AVE and HUFFINE LN LE - Documented 00:13 CFS24-026767 TRAFFIC STOP W MAIN ST and S 10TH AVE (46.9 feet) LE - Case Generated 00:44 CFS24-026775 NON INJURY GALLATIN RD and BLACK COMPANY RD LE - Referred 03:51 CFS24-026797 OTHER HIGHLAND BLVD and OLD HIGHLAND LE - Documented 06:43 CFS24-026824 FOLLOW UP S 16TH AVE and W DICKERSON ST (37.6 LE - Documented 07:14 CFS24-026831 TRAFFIC... Full story

  • How drunk driving fatalities in Montana compare to the rest of the US


    There were an estimated 42,795 fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes in 2022, down by 0.3% from the year prior, according to early estimates released in April 2023 from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While a reduction in crash-related deaths, even one as slight as this, is generally positive, the facts remain deeply concerning: Crash-related deaths rose more than 10% in 2021 and more than 7% the year before that, marking a disturbing trend leading into and persisting...

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 24, 2024

    Page 1 of 7 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 25, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/24/24 00:14 CFS24-027354 PATROL CHECK LE - Documented 00:36 CFS24-027361 TRAFFIC STOP HUFFINE LN and GOOCH HILL RD (108.7 LE - Warning 00:51 CFS24-027370 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 00:56 CFS24-027371 FAM DISTURB SHADOW CIR and NASH RD (174.5 feet) LE - Documented 01:48 CFS24-027383 FOLLOW UP S 16TH AVE and W DICKERSON ST (54.7 LE - Documented 02:06 CFS24-027392 PATROL CHECK SOURDOUGH CANYON RD and WILD LE - Documented 02:39... Full story

  • What Medicaid acceptance looks like at Montana substance use treatment centers


    Overdose deaths tragically rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, sparking renewed calls for awareness of substance use disorders and access to treatment. The once-in-a-century global health crisis had widespread impacts on physical and mental health and coincided with America's worsening fentanyl epidemic. And though calls have been made to expand access to treatment, people with substance use disorders often face barriers to getting the help they need to survive addiction to deadly substances...

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 25, 2024

    Page 1 of 6 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 26, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/25/24 00:09 CFS24-027886 PATROL CHECK TALC RD and DRIVEWAY (156.1 feet) LE - Documented 00:12 CFS24-027890 TRANSPORT S 16TH AVE and W DICKERSON ST (54.7 LE - Agency Assist 00:16 CFS24-027891 TRAFFIC STOP N 19TH AVE and OFF RAMP (95.6 feet) LE - Warning 00:22 CFS24-027892 PATROL CHECK ACCESS and FRONTAGE RD (0.1 miles) LE - Documented 00:52 CFS24-027899 PATROL CHECK BUSINESS HUB DR and DRIVEWAY LE - Documented 01:24... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 29, 2024

    Page 1 of 7 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on March 1, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/29/24 00:00 CFS24-029827 UNKNOWN W ALLISON AVE and 9TH ST (34.4 feet) LE - Documented 00:26 CFS24-029833 FLAG DOWN S 16TH AVE and W DICKERSON ST (37.6 LE - Documented 00:43 CFS24-029838 AGENCY ASSIST GALLATIN RD and FS 310 (0.7 miles) LE - GOA / UTL 02:03 CFS24-029851 UNKNOWN LE - Documented 02:55 CFS24-029854 ADMINISTRATIVE S 16TH AVE and W DICKERSON ST (37.6 LE - Documented 03:11 CFS24-029859 RECKLESS INTERSTATE 90 HWY and... Full story

  • Gallatin County Sheriff's Report February 28, 2024

    Page 1 of 6 GCSO Calls for Service Yesterday Printed on February 29, 2024 Time Call # Type of Call Location Result 02/28/24 00:09 CFS24-029327 WELFARE CHECK CENTENNIAL VILLAGE DR and ALLEY LE - Documented 00:13 CFS24-029331 FAM DISTURB REEVES RD E and FRONTAGE RD LE - Agency Assist 01:19 CFS24-029344 FOLLOW UP BIG GULCH DR and DRIVEWAY (0.1 LE - Referred 01:23 CFS24-029346 77 INTERSTATE 90 HWY and OFF RAMP LE - Agency Assist 02:21 CFS24-029358 TRAFFIC STOP LE - Warning 03:12 CFS24-029364 BURGLAR JACKRABBIT LN and RAMSHORN DR LE - Documented... Full story

  • Wolves Basketball opens Southern B Divisional Tournament on Feb. 28 against Lodge Grass

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    It will be a battle of two of the perennial powers in Class B when the Three Forks High School Boys' Basketball team opens the Southern Divisional Tournament on February 28 with a 2:30 p.m. opening round game against Lodge Grass. Wolves Head Coach Terry Hauser said this will be the fifth time in his tenure the two teams have played at the annual tournament at the Metra in Billings. "It's becoming a little bit of a rivalry with respect for each other as well. We are 2-2 in the four games we have... Full story

  • Bozeman wins state title, Three Forks hockey players shine for 14U team

    Sean Gifford, Three Forks Voice

    In a thrilling showdown, the Bozeman 19U hockey team emerged victorious in the state tournament against Missoula. Bozeman, the underdogs in the match, pulled off a stunning victory in overtime with a 4-3 score. Missoula headed into the match undefeated for the season, but Bozeman showed grit and determination, overcoming a 3-1 lead early in the game. The team's strong teamwork and skillful play were on display throughout the tournament, and their hard work paid off with the state title.... Full story

  • Column: You gotta love the Southern B Tournament

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    Weather pending, the day this column is published, I'll travel to Billings to cover the Three Forks High School Boys' Basketball team at their opening round game against Lodge Grass at the Southern B Divisional Tournament. While I have covered basketball tournaments across the western United States over the past two-plus decades, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere at the Southern B Divisional Tournament. The combination of great basketball, rabid fans, and a venue perfect for a high... Full story

  • Writers on the Range: You're not the boss in wilderness

    John Clayton, Writers on the Range

    Disclaimer: The views expressed in Op-Ed's published in the Three Forks Voice are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the publication. When my friends and I encountered the fresh grizzly bear scat, we were deep in Wyoming's Teton Wilderness, 20 miles from a trailhead. I'd seen grizzlies before-from the car. But this experience was on a whole other level. I felt vulnerable, nervous. I also felt fully alive. That feeling owes much to the Wilderness Act, which became law 60...

  • Willow Creek Students make donation to Headwaters Area Food Bank

    Jack H. Smith, Three Forks Voice

    While studying Christmas around the world in December, Willow Creek second and third-grade students decided to start a food drive for area residents. The food drive turned out to be very successful. According to Food Bank Operations Manager Emily Smith, the students recently made a significant donation to the organization in Three Forks. "Headwaters Area Food Bank was so appreciative to receive over 100 pounds of food from the Willow Creek 2nd and 3rd graders. It is so touching to see such... Full story

  • District working on strategic plan

    Three Forks School District

    Dear TFS Community Stakeholder, The Three Forks School District is currently working to update our TFS Strategic Plan. One of our focus areas this year is to improve our communication and outreach to community business owners and stakeholders. The main purpose of district strategic planning is to improve the effectiveness of education investments that lead to better outcomes for students. Input from local businesses, district administrators, TFS Board members, staff, parents and community... Full story

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