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By Jack H. Smith
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Column: Peaches


October 16, 2019

It was just about nine years ago when I first spotted "Peaches" walking near my home in Washington.

I had never been a cat person in my life, but I instantly felt for him as the little kitten followed his mother. I knew in a heartbeat that the life of a stray cat would not be a good one and I wanted to give him a better home and for nearly nine years I did just that.

Peaches instantly became an important part of my life as I learned the intricacies of cats. We soon were inseparable, and he would become my best friend always sleeping near my feet at night.

In the next few years, my life would take a few twists and turns, and I would move to Wyoming and he was right there with me.

From the moment I woke up, Peaches was ALWAYS there to greet me. Most of the time it was because he loved me but sometimes it was because he really wanted to eat. Peaches would oftentimes sit in the window for hours. I honestly think he was mapping out the neighborhood for when he did sneak out and would worry me when he didn't come home for a day or two.

Whether it was returning home from a long day of work or a quick errand he would always run to the window when he heard my vehicle and start meowing as I walked towards the door. It always made me feel so important that he cared so much to greet me every time I arrived.

For a lot of years, it was just the two of us and I was completely fine with that. He was never mad or angry at me, never started an argument, and was fiercely loyal. He just wanted to be pet, kissed on the forehead, and an occasional can of wet cat food or as he liked it to be called "medicine". All I would have to do is say "medicine" and he would come running from whatever room he was, and it would not matter if he was in the middle of deep sleep. That one word was magic to him.

When Peaches was younger, he would often trick me by hiding by the door and sneak out right past me. I would get so frustrated because I wasn't mad that he wanted to explore, I was just afraid something would happen to him. But he always came back. On one occasion Peaches got a dog all riled up and it chased him back to the house. I was on the front porch with a bunch of friends celebrating the life of a lost friend with some cold beers when he came running full speed and managed to get on top of our roof. I'm not sure why I thought it was a great idea but I tried to get him down and ended up falling off the roof. Luckily, I landed sideways on the trash can and other than a gnarly bruise on my elbow I was okay. I think he understood what he had done and didn't sneak out too much for a while.


When we moved to Montana, Peaches would begin his life with a new family, and he adapted very well. His "Dad" was always number one, but he did his best to be good to his new family members and was amazing with his little sister "Jerusha". She drove Peaches crazy, but he loved her fiercely and you could often see them snuggling or playing together.

Unfortunately, Peaches got sick recently and passed away last week and it was devastating. I feel really empty without him by the side of my feet or greeting me when I get home.

He was far more than just a pet, he was family. In fact, I probably like Peaches more than 99 percent of the population on earth.

I'm upset at myself not getting him to the vet sooner, but as sad as I am, I'm glad knowing that I made the right decision to take him into my home and give him a happy life.

Rest easy buddy, you meant the world to me and can never be replaced.

I'm hoping wherever you are, there is plenty of medicine.


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