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Chamber seeking nominations for Sebena award

The Three Forks Chamber of Commerce is seeking nominations for the seventh-annual William J. Sebena Distinguished Service Award.

The award will be presented at the 2020 Chamber Annual Dinner scheduled for March 27 at the Headwaters Ranch.

Criteria for the award include:

*He or she must embrace caring charitable, and public-spirited values.

*Have a general regard and respect for the human race and fellow man of any background, without judgment, and can be described as an all-around good person who encompasses a generous spirit and inspires others.

*He or she does not have to be a business owner to receive this award.

This award has been created by Lisa Sebena and the Lewis and Clark Motel in memory of her dad, William Sebena. Lisa has requested that the chamber seek nominations from its members and decide on the recipient.

Please submit nominations by Friday, March 6th via email to [email protected] or submit by mail to P.O. Box 1103 Three Forks, Mt 59752

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