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COVID-19 & BUSINESS: Main Street Office continues to meet the needs of Three Forks Residents

Editor's Note This is the first of a series of articles to show how Three Forks businesses are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The articles will also serve as a way to highlight the wonderful businesses in the Three Forks area.


Three Forks Voice

In February of 2020, the Main Street Office in Three Forks celebrated their 25th anniversary.

Within a month, things would drastically change for the business located at 209 S. Main as well as for businesses across the Three Forks area due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Looking back at last year, Main Street Office owner Christina Kamps was very happy with the quarter-century celebration and was glad they hosted the event when they did.

Even though the business was able to stay open at the onset of the pandemic because they were an essential mail business, Kamps said things would soon get scary.

"Everything dropped. Everyone pulled out of any projects they had going and all of a sudden it was like what are we going to do," she said.

After the shock of the onset of the pandemic, Kamps saw a change in what people were utilizing at the business.

"Because we have a diversity of services we offer, things sort of shifted. We were doing a lot more shipping. It was crazy to be shipping packages of toilet paper. Shipping ramped up and some of the printing died down," she said.

Having been a mainstay in Three Forks for over two decades, Kamps feels fortunate to not only have support from the community during the pandemic but for the last 25 plus years.

"I have not seen a change in the support level. I feel this community is really good about supporting its local businesses," she said.

Heavily involved with local rodeos and having two children as students at Three Forks High School, Kamps is also excited to see things slowly return to normal.

"I think we are all in the same boat and looking forward to that return to normalcy, and the return of the events that bring people to the community," she said. "I feel like we are losing touch not being able to congregate. I really miss gathering at the school for sporting events. I miss mingling with people. I'm looking forward to getting back in touch with everyone and meeting the new people who have come here."

Along with both UPS and Fed EX Shipping, the business also offers a wide variety of business printing that includes forms, checks, business cards, signs, banners and stickers.

Main Street Office also offers notary, copies, and fax, something Kamps has seen an increase in with bank lobbies closed.

The business also publishes the monthly Lewis and Clark Journal which is mailed to area residents can also be picked up at locations throughout Three Forks. For more information call 285-4556 or visit

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