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Jack & Ranee Berg

I'd been to Montana before but it was summer and warm. 

Once every decade my parents would take my dad's two-week vacation to take us on the loop from our East Bay Area home in California to their "old stomping grounds":  Tri-cities Washington area, St. Ignatius, Montana, Utah, then back across the Nevada desert. This Montana trip was different - it was December and the roads were snowy and I was meeting my future in-laws in Billings, my then fiancé, Jack's, hometown. 

Several cars and semis were in "the ditch" off I-90; roads in town were grooved and icy.  When we stopped to visit Grandma Beagle in Big Timber there was so much snow that Jack gave me a piggyback ride across the lawn. 

Though we didn't move to Montana to stay until 8 years after our marriage, we could hear its call with its rugged beauty & promise of adventure, and above all, family. We lived a year in Lewistown, 18 in Billings.  Always wanting to live in a smaller town, Jack realized that dream 4 years ago, buying the chiropractic office in Three Forks, where we now live with our younger boys.  Montana's been home longer than anywhere else and I love our community in Three Forks! 

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