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Council Approves New Condominiums

The Three Forks City Council voted last week to approve the request from DeHann Construction for a conditional use permit for three new residential condominiums.

The governing unanimously approved the permit for the condominiums located at the corner of W. Milwaukee and W. Iowa. According to council member George Chancellor, each condo would be about 1,650 feet, and the current structure located at 504 W. Milwaukee will be removed.

In a report to the Council, Chancellor said staff recommended the approval of the permit but did have conditions, adding the request does not meet Three Forks flood requirements by not allowing for enough room for 15 feet of required fill to extend beyond the structure. Chancellor said the permit was recommended on the conditions the applicant will apply to receive a flood control variance, submit a condo declaration, and request a subdivision exemption from the City, animals will be limited to one dog a unit and fill in the 15 feet beyond the structure.

Before the vote, Jason DeHann told Council they have revised their plan to meet the flood setback requirements, have met with an engineer to complete a survey on the site, and filled out and sent an email to the City of the flood plain certification application.

In other business, the Council voted on a resolution to allow the distribution of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability (BARSSA Gas Tax) Program Funds for the fiscal year 2020-21.

The 2020-21 distribution for the City of Three Forks is $55,619.19, which will be used to administer dust control, purchase gravel to maintain and repair dirt roads, and asphalt for new and patching of paved roads.

The City much match each $20 of BARSSA funds with $1 for a total of $2,781.

The Council also voted to table the second hearing and decision on an Ordinance Amending Title 9, Chapter 4, Section 1 “Basic Sewer Rates” to treat each dwelling unit as a single-family residence regardless of the number of dwelling units within a building.

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