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Survey results show interest in local bus service

Amid a five-year update on the City of Three Forks Growth Policy, preliminary results of an ongoing questionnaire show 131 of 265 responders indicating they would like to see some sort of local bus system or rideshare program.

A bus pickup service would not be entirely new for the City of Three Forks. According to City Councilmen and HRDC Board member Gene Townsend, a trial run of bus services to Bozeman was offered in 2010. There are also medical drop-offs and pickups currently provided by Galavan Medical Services.

Townsend said the HRDC began the trial runs over a decade ago through the Streamline Bus Service in Three Forks, Manhattan, and Belgrade. While the service was popular and remained in Belgrade, he said there was just not much interest in Three Forks or Manhattan, and it did not become permanent.

Townsend feels the lack of interest could have been tied to the stops being too restrictive and people who wanted the service to make stops for shopping at places like Costco.

He also admits that the City of Three Forks is constantly evolving, and it is a lot different than it was in 2010. He added the HRDC is willing to look into bringing the service here, they would need to see the interest, adding it may take something like a petition to move forward.

Townsend was a bit surprised to see the results of the survey but repeated that people would need to utilize the service.

"People can say they would like to see it, but are they going to use it?" he said. "The Streamline Service is free, so they need to have as many riders as possible."



Residents of Three Forks will have a chance to provide more input to the GP update later this month when the City's consultant firm Logan Simpson has representatives in town the week of June 14.

According to City officials, they will have an information kiosk at the June 17 blood drive at the Christian Center and will be at the Farmer's Market later that afternoon. 

The City will also be hosting a few small group workshops.

To read more about the update of the GP and participate in the questionnaire, please visit