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Council receives water project update

Last week, the Three Forks City Council heard an update about test wells that will be drilled as the first phase of an ongoing water project.

Susan Hayes of Great West Engineering told the Council they solicited bids for the two wells to be drilled as part of the first phase, and they both came in just over $45,000 each, over the $80,000 maximum. Hayes said that although they can only award the bid for one well, this works out quite well for the City of Three Forks.

Hayes recommended awarding the bid from Red Tiger Drilling for a test well on the city tank site. She said the study completed for the location was favorable, adding they are looking for a well that produces more than 50 to 100 gallons a minute, with the goal of 200 gallons.

“It looks to be a promising location. Hopefully, we will get that higher yield,” Hayes said.

Once the test well is completed, Hayes told the Council a 24-hour test pump would take place, and they will run a full water panel in hopes of everything looking good.

After councilmember Gene Townsend said that 200 gallons a minute would not take care of the City’s lack of water, Hayes said that is why they went out to bid for the two wells.

Hayes reported property easement issues for the second test well, on land owned by the Kent family. She said the City needs to revisit talks with the property owners about a lease for the location.

Hayes added they are also getting bid documents prepared to redrill City well number six.

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