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Three Forks has phenomenal performance at state meet

Boy's second, senior Woodland finishes sixth overall

Week in and week out during the 2021 regular season, the Three Forks High School Cross Country team produced incredible results. When it mattered the most Saturday afternoon at the Class B State Meet in Missoula, the Wolves performed phenomenally again, with the boys' team finishing in second place and the girls' squad finishing the day in fifth place.

The complete team performance includes two all-state performances, with senior standout Jayden Woodland finishing sixth in the girl's race (20:19.09) and Garrett Golding (17:40.56) ending his day in 11th place in the boys' race.

Following the race, Head Coach Tara Forsberg said she could not be happier with both squads.

"As a coach, watching the transformation of both teams has been such an amazing thing. There was a lot of emotion today, and I honestly could not be prouder of the athletes," Forsberg said.

Bryon Fanning had a tremendous day for the Wolves finishing the race in 17th with a time of 17:50:69. Beau Johnston was just behind his teammate, placing in 20th with a time of 17:53.83. Jacob Ramsey ended the day with a time of 18:06:33, and Cass Violett finished the race at 18:33.76. Senior Jaron Berg had a strong race, finishing at 18:39.53, and Finn Hanson ended the day with a time of 18:57.

Forsberg said the boys' team came to the meet with a state trophy in mind after last year's third-place finish, and all seven ran a great race. She praised Berg for his finish and contributing to the trophy in his final race and added that five Wolves had personal records.

Along with the amazing final race of the high school career for Woodland in the girls' race, Three Forks had great times from the entire roster, including sophomore Isabella Fink finishing in 22nd with a time of 21.55.80. Freshman Bella Jones had a time of 22:07, while fellow freshman Devynn Judd ended her race with a time of 23:08.

Ari Judd had a time of 23:33.93, Rylee Dell finished at 24:42.10, and Grace Kluin ended the race at the 25:01.77 mark.

Forsberg said it was a great finish for the team, adding that Ari Judd battled through an injury and gutted her race.

"The rest of the team stepped up and worked hard to get the team score down. Jayden finished sixth to end her high school career, and she seemed very happy with her effort and how she raced. The rest of the team is young, so we can work toward their goal of a trophy," Forsberg said.

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