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Hometown Heroes: Felz, Pierce work together at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey

Two small town boys 6,394 miles from home working on the same air base is amazing but when they are working on the same aircraft it is truly incredible. Both Konrad Pierce and Casey Felz graduated from Three Forks High School just five years apart. They happened to connect with each other this week in Turkey.

Captain Casey Felz (Class of 2009) is an Aircraft Commander of the KC-135R/T responsible for rapid global air-to-air refueling, mobility of forces and cargo, and the safe and expeditious execution of Air Mobility Command's primary missions.

TSgt Konrad Pierce (class of 2004) is a quality assurance \Quality Assurance Inspector that evaluates flight line and back shop maintenance tasks highlighted by Aircraft Mobility Command (AMC) to sustain 63 assigned KC-135 R/T aircraft valued at $4.2 billion.

Pierce assesses personnel proficiency and adherence to maintenance directives and Air Force policies. Pierce provides training and instruction to 1,200 technicians and 17 different career fields. He also serves as primary engine technical adviser to assist resolving workmanship, troubleshooting, proficiency, or compliance issues impacting mission generation.

Both are currently deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey.

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