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Three Forks Education Foundation Awards 2021 Teacher Grants

The Three Forks Education Foundation once again stepped up for the betterment of local schools last week when they awarded their 2021 Teacher Grants.

The total amount of grants handed out by the TFEF on Wednesday, November 17, was $4,065.

Science teacher Anna Berghausen received a grant for $346 she plans to use for new scales. Consumer science teacher Cathe Felz received $750 she intends to use to buy equipment for the ProStart Cooking Competition.

English teacher Heidi Donnelly received $500 she plans to use for new books, and math teacher Jessica Oehmcke received $371 to be used on a unit teaching students to count change back.

School Technical Director and Teacher Bobby Lauver received a great for $1,000 to help send two teachers to a conference in Seattle, and English teacher Katy Hansen received a grant for $300 she will use to purchase more novels for fifth graders.

Science teacher Lacey Noble received a $400 grant she will use for lab materials for environmental science and chemistry students.

English/Science teacher Hannah Hayes also receive a grant for $400.

Three Forks Education Foundation

Three Forks Education Foundation enriches education in the community through the investment of time, talent, funding and resources. We provide students, staff and the community unparalleled opportunities. The Foundation directs its resources towards:

-Promoting and celebrating education success.

-Recognizing staff for creative and innovative teaching.

-Increasing the visibility and value of public education.

-Encouraging lifelong learning.

The Foundation is an organization of local citizens working to increase private support for public education for the benefit of the citizens of Three Forks, Montana and the surrounding area. The Foundation shall receive and disburse funds, property and gifts of any kind for the benefit of the public schools located in Three Forks, Montana or other local organizations that provide learning and educational opportunities for the community.

The Foundation's initial priority will be conducting programs with the purpose of improving the quality of education for students in public elementary and high school in Three Forks Public Schools, improve public education through focused investments of community human and financial resources and procure and provide private sector contributions to foster excellence in public education.

For more information or to donate, please visit

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