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Kitchen crew announces changes due to construction

Dear Three Forks School and Community:

As you may have noticed the school has been having some construction done to grow and update. Starting the week of Monday March 17, 2022 the contractors will be begin their work on the kitchen and cafeteria. This will be changing our breakfast and lunches some until the end of the school year. With that being said, we wanted to let everyone know about the changes that will be happening. The school has purchased a cook trailer for us to prepare food and meals in. We will not have all the options to cook a large variety of meals, there will be a smaller menu with it being repeated.

All the meals & menus will be determined on what we can and cannot order. There are many shortages on school food items. We will try and do a weekly menu instead of a monthly one; but the menu will be subject to change at any time.

We will continue to keep breakfast close to normal; warm Wednesdays will be put on hold until we come back in the fall.

We greatly appreciate all of the support from the community, school staff, students and parents as we finish off the school year. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. All e-mails can be sent to [email protected].

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