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Our View: Please slow it down in school zones

Things would be easier in the winter if people drove appropriately for the conditions. As much as I hope this happens, there will always be people driving out of control and endangering not only their lives but those they are sharing a road with.

While there most likely always be a few people driving too fast on ice and snow, one thing that never needs to happen is speeding in a school zone. I live about a mile from a school, and daily, I see people flying by the school way faster than they should be. I just don't get it. It is very clear you are in a school zone, so there is no excuse for not being informed. I'm sure that many of the people I witness do this are repeat offenders who more than likely live in the same area as I do. That is just unacceptable.

Anyone who has been to a school drop-off location knows it can be a little chaotic, and someone speeding by could lead to a tragic event.

And it just does not have to be during the morning or afternoon. Many things are going on at schools, and always kids and adults walking across the street. The school is the hub of the community, and it is so important to slow down.

The same can be said for people who pass school busses with their stop signs down. That crap needs to stop too.

If you are going into a school zone, please go the speed limit or if it is crowded, go a little slower. The safety of children is a lot more important than being a few seconds late.