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More county, city joint meetings on the horizon in 2022

A joint meeting earlier this month between members of the Gallatin and Broadwater County Commission and City of Three Forks officials was the first of several this spring between the three entities.

According to Gallatin County Commissioner Zach Brown, the primary focus of the meeting was to discuss plans moving forward for future meetings, topics, dates, and agenda items.

Brown said it is essential that Gallatin County and the City of Three Forks work towards a regular communication with Broadwater County, since many of the Broadwater County residents in the southern part of the county receive many of their services from the City of Three Forks and Gallatin County.

At an April 6 meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Three Forks Area Ambulance Office, Brown said they would be meeting with the ambulance and fire districts board to discuss possible community interest in the consolidation of districts and services.

The agenda at a joint meeting on April 20 at 3 p.m. at the ambulance office will include discussion of Sheriff services, the Three Forks Ambulance District, Old Town Bridge replacement, Meridian Bridge update, and the Three Forks Fire District Consolidated Plan update.

"We need to talk about how to coordinate services to accommodate future growth, and how to reconcile funding models and service district boundaries so that everyone is paying equitably for the services they receive," Brown said.

Agendas for the meeting will be posted on the Gallatin County Commission website.

Looking towards the future, Brown said they plan to start a regular rhythm of joint meetings.

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