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Letter: Cromwell running for Gallatin County Attorney

Dear Community Members,

This is the first time Gallatin County will choose a new County Attorney in 25 years – it’s critically important that we get this right! As you learn more about my record of public service and the strategies I will use to make the County Attorney’s Office tough, fair and transparent, I’m hopeful you will support my candidacy.

I was raised in Billings by service-oriented parents in the medical field and earned my law degree from University of Montana. Since that time, I have worked extensively in criminal law, serving the community as a Judge pro tem, prosecutor, public defender, and private attorney.

As County Attorney, I will bring a sharp perspective tempered by a passion for collaboration:

I will hold offenders accountable while engaging effective tools of treatment and re-entry support to break vicious cycles of crime and re-offense.

I will protect victims from further harm and ensure their experience within the judicial system is marked with dignity and respect.

I will create a special unit of prosecutors trained to handle cases involving violence against women, which occurs in nearly 75% of violent domestic crimes.

I will tackle Gallatin County’s current mental health crisis by creating a program to link offenders in crisis with established community treatment. These partnerships lead to fewer jail, ER, and State Hospital stays, which saves taxpayer dollars and better serves our community.

I will use my extensive experience in collaborative negotiation to reduce litigation between the County and the Cities, business owners, and in land-use disputes as Gallatin County continues to grow.

The safety and wellbeing of our citizens and visitors is vital to helping our community thrive. I ask for your support as County Attorney and will work hard to earn your trust.

To contact me visit

Audrey Cromwell

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