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Golfers open 2022 campaign

Surprisingly, the weather for the first golf meet (Boulder Invite on 3/28 at Bill Roberts Golf Course) of the spring season was absolutely perfect.  There were some nerves and jitters before the round and encountering a little road work on the way to the course meant the kids didn’t have all that much time to really warm up, but all the kids handled the situation well and went out to compete to the best of their abilities.  On the girls’ side, Taylor Raffety, Halee Wilson, Brooklynn Hossfeld, and Ari Judd, (all returning varsity players from last year) managed to shoot some pretty good scores for their first tournament with 98, 100, 102, and 104 respectively.  It was really cool to see our 5th girl golfer Grace Donnelly out there as well as this was her first Varsity meet and she managed to sneak in with a tie for 15th place.  The girls’ team took home the team title which was a fantastic outcome for the first tournament. 

On the boys’ side, nerves were present as well, but after the first few holes, it seems as if they started to calm down and play more like they are used to.  At the conclusion of their rounds, Austin Allen (90), Dylan Kamps (92), and Cass Violett (95) placed 19th, 20th, and 21st respectively.  The boys’ team came in 4th place. 

Overall, we were really pleased with these scores for the first tourney, but we are going to keep working and strive to bring those team scores down in hopes of shooting scores that can get both teams to the state tournament. 

Big Timber

What started out as a beautiful day in Big Timber (Sweet Grass Invite on 4/7 turned into sideways rain/sleet and an all-out battle of determination for our golfers to finish their rounds.  In the end, everyone, although soaked and frozen survived with the girls taking home a second-place finish with Taylor Raffety (5th), Ari Judd (6th), and Halee Wilson (7th) all taking top ten honors.  The boys’ team finished in a respectable 4th place with Dylan Kamps (13th) and Walker Page (15th) placing in the top 15.  

The weather definitely led to some high scores for everyone out there, but that is part of the deal in Montana, especially during the Spring golf season.   We need to be prepared for that and be able to adjust our golf games based on the conditions.  

We will be attending the Broadwater County High School Tournament onWednesday if the weather permits and we are looking to improve on both our individual and team scores.

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