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Letter to the Editor: Hamilton running for House District 69

To the voters of House District 69:

In the last legislative session, our lawmakers spent less time searching for solutions to problems our communities are facing, and more time on nationally-driven issues. Our district deserves better, and I am running to represent you in the next legislative session. I don’t see people as democrats, republicans, or libertarians. I see people as neighbors. My focus isn’t on national agendas, but solely on the issues that are impacting our area. I believe in listening to those I represent and all of us working together to make our communities a better place to live. This includes common-sense laws in public safety, mental health, and housing. We need to increase resources for mental health to include mental health professionals working closely with law enforcement to get people the help they need to live better lives. Our communities need to have the ability to zone in ways that make it possible for people to have homes they can afford. Feel free to contact me with any issues you wish to discuss and check out my website at My phone number is (406)312-0803 or email [email protected]. It’s time for us to focus on Montana issues and come up with Montana solutions.


Rocky Hamilton