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City council approves new lighting district boundary

The Three Forks City Council passed a resolution to exclude properties within city limits larger than one acre from the town’s special improvement lighting district tax rolls during its May 24 meeting.

The decision to amend the district boundaries came after the council compared various tax assessment methods at previous meetings. While other methods were considered, the council chose to maintain their current method and revise the district boundaries to create more equitable assessments.

The resolution removed fifteen properties from the district, including: the Three Forks Airport Pogreba Field, the City Yard, Buttelman’s Field, the Three Forks School’s 25-acre field, a portion of the Three Forks School property and several residential lots.

Gene Townsend made the motion to approve the resolution and Steve Dahl seconded it.

The council unanimously approved the resolution.

These properties will be removed from the tax roll before the Gallatin County Treasurer prepares the 2022 bills.

The council mailed a resolution of intent to amend the boundaries after approving the resolution at the May 10 meeting.