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Wrestlers heading to Nationals

Three Forks wrestling will be more than well-represented at this week’s 2022 US Marine C Corps Junior & 16U Nationals in Fargo, ND.

Coach Ryan Henry thinks the wrestlers are ready to go.

“These boys have competed all across the country preparing for what we in Three Forks consider the end of our season, the National Tournament. I think they are prepared. Through all the hard work they and their parents have contributed to this season. I would especially like to thank Sam Beckett, Shaun Hungerford, Kelly Hogue, and Michelle Rogers for driving us all over the country to tournaments. None of this would be possible without all of them,” Henry said.

An incoming freshman, Jacob Murphy, said this is the biggest tournament he has been to, and he is excited.

Coming off a fourth-place finish at last year’s national’s, Cole Rogers said he has put in an incredible amount of effort this year.

“I’ve put a lot of work during this past offseason…Now it’s time to make it pay off,” Rogers said.

As an incoming freshman, Jacob Murphy is ready to go.

“It’s the biggest tournament I’ve gone to, and I’ve exited,” he said.

An incoming junior for the Wolves, Gabe Hungerford, said Nationals would be an experience.

“Can’t wait to let it fly, he said.”

For standout Levi Wagner, his injury during the football season is far from his memory.

“I’ve been training hard, and I’m ready,” Wagner said.

Incoming senior Jesse Eide has also qualified for Fargo.

“I think I will do better than last year. I’m a little nervous but excited,” Eide said.

Logan Douma will also be competing for Three Forks as a sophomore.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity, and I’m going to give it my all,” he said.

Soon-to-be senior Dylan Kamps has also qualified for nationals.

“The work has been done, and now it is time to let my efforts show. I’m excited about the group I’m with. Wrestling with Levi in this tournament will be fun. Good to have him back,” Kamps said.

Soon-to-be senior Chase Kirkland will also be in Fargo.

“At Fargo, I get to face off with some of the best of the be. It’s the time and place to leave it all on the mat,” he said.

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