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Our View: Thank you Three Forks

We wanted to use the editorial space this week to thank some of the amazing people of Three Forks for their kind gestures over the past couple of weeks.

For those who don’t know, our daughter Mya passed away unexpectedly on June 30 at 20. While it has been a challenging time for our family, we are blown away by the support from the community.

We want to thank all those who have reached out to us via text, email, card, or Facebook message. It means so much to us.

We also wanted to give a special thank you to a few that have gone above and beyond during this time. This includes a huge thank you to Rick, Val, and Emma Lamb of Three Forks Market for what they have done for our family.

Misty Hammberbacker from 4 Paws Rescue — we are so thankful of the casseroles and being there for us.

Thank you so much to Michelle Rogers for assisting in getting quotes from the wrestlers. This was so kind of you to do, and it helped us out a lot.

Thank you to Mo at Three Forks Floral for the beautiful arrangements. Mya would have loved them.

Thank you to the Bellamy Family (Remuda Coffee and Venture West), the Rusty Bucket gals, Julia Caruana (Chamber and Cowgirl Creativity), and Pam at Legacy Trading. Thank you to Christina Kamps at Main Street office for generously donating the large pictures. You did an amazing job.

Gene and Pat Townsend donated in Mya’s name to the Headwaters Trail Memorial Fund, and we can’t thank you enough for doing this.

Thank you to Justin Brewer for coming over to the celebration of life for a few minutes and for all the help you will be doing with photography. Also, thank you to Eliza McLaughlin for taking on a couple of extra stories this week.

Keith from K&L — you are flat out incredible!

Even the smallest gestures have meant a lot and helped us. Thanks again to everyone.