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Open burning closed, DNRC gives weekly fire update


It was a busy July 20 for the Three Forks Volunteer Fire Department responding to four fire calls within 90 minutes. The department had also responded to a wind driven grass fire on July 18.

The department also announced last week that open burning had been closed in the Three Forks Fire District including parts of the district that are in Broadwater County. The Willow Creek Fire Department also announced open burning had been closed in their fire district.


Each Monday the Montana DNRC is providing a fire update following their internal statewide call – a call that ensures we have a common perspective at the local, state, and national level to maintain awareness of the wildland fire situation and ensure a unity of efforts in response to rapidly changing wildfire situations.

As reported on the call on July 25, there was an increase in fire activity over the last seven days, with state, local, and federal firefighters responding to 106 wildfires. This brings the yearly total up to 814 fires burning 8,387 acres. The Northern Rockies is currently at Preparedness Level 2, with a National Preparedness Level 3.

This week’s forecast shows warm temperatures across the state, accompanied by strong winds and possible thunderstorms in some areas. Rapid drying of fuels is predicted for the week, especially west of the Continental Divide. As fuels continue to dry, please stay alert to the rising fire danger, and do your part to reduce your wildfire risk. Remember, prevention is our best defense against wildfire.