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Council approves motion to continue test well negotiations

On July 12, the Three Forks City Council approved a motion allowing Great West Engineering to continue negotiating to secure another test well site on a property near Talc Road.

The property in question is owned by Conner Kent Limited Partnership, a farming and ranching company based out of Three Forks.

As part of the negotiations, the city council authorized Great West to permit an ownership swap of the existing well #1 property if the Kent’ property produced two successful drinking water test wells.

On July 25, Council member Steve Dahl told The Voice that the project remained in the negotiations stages. Dahl said he was not at liberty to comment at that time.

The council’s motion also included a decision to prepare solicitation bids for two additional wells.

The decision to offer the Kent’s a land swap followed a conversation held at the city’s Water and Sewer Committee meeting on July 7.

During the meeting, council members Dahl, Gene Townsend and Nancy Todd discussed the possibility of a temporary easement on the Kent’s property for the sake of a test well. In the event that the test well successfully produced drinking water, the council would pursue a permanent easement.

Discussion to construct a test well on the Kent’s property began back in January. At the same meeting, the council discussed whether to offer a land trade or to pursue an easement for a future drinking water well.

Further discussion of the city’s water project is not listed on the city council’s Aug. 9 agenda.