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Richtmyer seeks Commission seat

Hello Broadwater County! My name is Lindsey Richtmyer and I am running for District Two Broadwater County Commissioner in the general election in November.

A few months ago, I embarked on this journey to get involved with our local county government.

I feel strongly about contributing to the place in which I am raising my child, is my husband’s hometown, and a home we now share. Our county simply can’t ignore or wish-away the record growth happening around us and I know it is possible to manage. Acceptance of this and jumping in with both feet to embrace the challenges facing our community is the only way to maintain the integrity and character of the place we love.

At the hospital, I have the privilege to speak and work with a variety of people that share several ideas, thoughts, issues, and a multitude of suggestions related to our county and state. My husband’s family has ranching roots here that reach back over 70 years and I am fortunate to know many of the long-time locals and value their experience, dedication, and commitment to this area. With a school-aged son in a variety of activities, I also meet many families new to Montana or Broadwater County and appreciate the excitement, energy, and hopes for their lives here as well as the perspectives they bring.

Our local government plays a crucial role in shaping how Broadwater County grows and decides on plans that can benefit the broad demographic of residents here.

As a friend recently advised, “the most important thing is to always keep in mind the best interests of our county and its residents.” To me, this means bridging a gap between old and new - respecting a way of life that has existed here for years while building a framework for the future and our growth that is inevitable.

I greatly value your support on this road to District Two Broadwater County Commissioner and would love your feedback. Please reach out on my commissioner page at: or through private message. One of my goals as a commissioner is to improve communication between the county government and residents and I invite you to help me begin this process now. I will post more there in the upcoming weeks about some of the primary concerns and issues facing our county. Thank you!

Lindsey Richtmyer

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