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Broadwater County Receives $400,000 of Grant Funding to Support Three Forks Brewery Expansion

The Montana Department of Commerce announced last week that $400,000 of federal economic development grant funding has been allocated to Broadwater County to provide a loan to Jackrabbit Pub, LLC for the purchase of new commercial kitchen equipment. The grant funding comes from Commerce's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Economic Development Grant program.

"At Commerce, we're always proud to support Montana's small businesses, which help our rural communities grow their economies and prosper. Projects like the Jackrabbit Pub will help create a true boost for the Three Forks area," said Montana Department of Commerce Director Scott Osterman. "The revenue generated by this expansion will provide integral financial benefits to Three Forks and the surrounding communities through job creation, tourism promotion, and an increased tax base."

The Jackrabbit Pub, located near Three Forks, is a new expansion of Bozeman's Bridger Brewing. The pub which opened late last month plans to use locally grown ingredients for its restaurant, as well as a local workforce to staff the pub. Seventeen new jobs will be created as part of the expansion.

"Jackrabbit Pub and Bridger Brewing are excited to work with Commerce's CDBG program on this economic development project. These funds are critical in allowing us to create jobs and spur the economy in a rural county like Broadwater," said David Sigler, owner of Bridger Brewing. "We also love the fact that as we pay these funds back, other businesses in the community can take advantage of this capital in their future endeavors to further support not only job growth, but small businesses, which are the heart and soul of every community." 

The CDBG Economic Development Grant program supports businesses by awarding grants to local governments and making fixed-rate financing available to those businesses at low interest rates. Businesses work with local governments to apply to the program, and the local government then loans to an eligible business or grants to a non-profit.

CDBG funding originates from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

For more information about CDBG Economic Development grants, visit COMDEV.MT.GOV.