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Stahly Engineering awarded project for Old Town Bridge design

After a public bidding process, Gallatin County has procured the services of Stahly Engineering to complete the design work for the closed bridge on Old Town Road.

At a Road and Bridge Meeting last week, Gallatin County Engineer Levi Ewan said Stahly would soon begin the design process with a goal of finishing the work over the winter.

The bridge was closed after being ruled unsafe for vehicles or pedestrians after a regularly scheduled MDT inspection on June 6. Gallatin County has been working with Broadwater County to find a path forward to replacing both bridges on Old Town Road. Both entities have applied for a $750,000 Montana Coal Endowment Program (MCEP) Grant. The fate of the grants will be decided during the 2023 Montana State Legislative Session.

Gallatin County Commissioner Zach Brown said they are still on track to start construction on the bridge in early 2023 and will hopefully complete it by the end of the year.

Ewan said the second bridge would not be designed under the current contract with Stahly. Brown added he is hopeful both MCEP Grants will be funded and discussed the possibility of starting design work on the other bridge and getting them both "shovel ready."

Ewan added the County has submitted for federal funding on both bridges.

Brown lauded legislators State Senator Walt Sales (R-Manhattan) and State Representatives Jennifer Carlson (R-Manhattan) and Julie Dooling (R-Townsend) for their support of the MCEP Grants. He added if there was ever a moment to feel confident they could get both grants -- this is it.