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Three Forks Elementary School October Howl

The 22-23 school year is now 4 weeks in, and things are rolling along. We had a lot of new changes to routine due to completed and continual construction. Our new student drop-off / pick-up seems to be working well. Traffic has been safe, orderly and efficient. It is important to know that a new stop sign has been added at the intersection of East Oak and 5th Avenue. This new addition should help with traffic flow and safety. Thank you to everyone for their diligence and patience with this new transition. The new parking lot to the northeast of campus has been a great addition and it is great to see parents utilizing this before and after school.

The new bus loop to the north of campus has reduced the congestion on the main traffic corridors, ensuring the safety of our bus riders. It is important to remember that the bus loading zone is for buses only, parents are not to drive in and use this area to drop students off.

With the change in start time for the school day, we are still working out the kinks for bus arrival to allow for a warm breakfast for those interested. Our team will ensure a smooth process and time for kids to eat with little to no academic time lost.

TFS Campus Building Project Update

The Campus Building Project continues into the 22-23 school year.

There are a lot of different projects taking place, with still a few areas impacting the elementary school. Just recently the new elementary music room was completed. We are excited about this new space! The new SPED suite is still under construction. We do expect this area to be finished in the near future, which would complete the majority of the elementary project. This would also allow for elementary classrooms to shift back to their intended locations, also freeing up the needed room for the fourth kindergarten section. The elementary playground upgrade has been slowed by equipment arrival. With fencing to still complete and sod to lay in place, things will be coming together quickly. We are excited about our new space!

Construction continues to take place on the expansion of the cafeteria and high school gym foyer entrance. This does have a minimal impact on the building, eliminating the main entrance for most sports activities. However, when complete, the added space will be a great plus during lunch hours. The majority of planned construction for the remainder of the school year will be in the middle and high school area.

We will continue to keep the public informed at School Board Meetings as well as on our FB page and District website. If you are interested in learning more about the design proposals and/or the project in general please access the following link which can be found on the Three Forks School website. As updates arise in the project they will be shared during Board Meetings, the District Facebook page, as well as the District website. ge/building-project-information

The Important Healthy Choices

Did you know that 35-40% of a child’s daily calories are consumed at school? For some students this percentage will eclipse 50%. This screams to the importance of having healthy choices while at school. One way to choose healthy is to take advantage of the school breakfast/lunch options that are provided by the school lunch program. Each meal is well balanced, with options of fruits and vegetables for all students, K-12. The District understands that some families will choose to pack a cold lunch. This is great, however we strongly encourage parents to assist with packing these lunches, and keeping healthy choices in mind.

By providing healthy options for kids we are helping them build their immune systems and improve their concentration at school. By eating a more well-balanced breakfast and/or lunch, students will not have deficiencies in certain nutrients, which would in turn eliminate hungry kids, mood swings, and poor attitudes in general. Thank you parents for reading, and for assisting with limiting high sugar choices for your child while at school. If you have questions about the hot breakfast/lunch options from the school, feel free to reach out, we are happy to help!

Friday School Transportation

We have had our first few rounds of Friday Enrichment for K-5 students and things are off to a great start. We do encourage parents that have children involved in the Friday Enrichment program to utilize the transportation request link if you are wanting to have your child utilize school transportation on Fridays. For more information about Friday School offerings please contact the school office.

Welcome Class of 2035!

TFES did hold Kindergarten Screening during the first week of September and was surprised with over 70 students.

With these high numbers the district has made a decision to add a fourth section of kindergarten. Mr. Mack, a Three Forks native and former PE teacher has stepped up to take on this role and will be added to our amazing Kindergarten team.

Mrs. Sydney McCauley will also step in as the new TFES PE teacher.

The K staff is working to create new rosters and families will be notified if their child will be switched to the new Kindergarten class.

We understand the inconvenience, however the goal is continuing to offer smaller class sizes is definitely worth making the change. We appreciate the understanding and support from kindergarten parents.

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