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Boyer: Practical experience to navigate what's before us

I’m running for Gallatin County County Commission because I care about this place. This is where my husband and I chose to raise our son, build our careers, and run our farm.

I learned early the value of service and discipline under pressure as the daughter of a country veterinarian—regularly called into the clinic to help my father with critical operations on beloved animals.

For 25 years, I’ve served Montanans of all backgrounds, helping to craft solutions to highly charged topics of drought, community development and transportation. My skills in public engagement, building partnerships, crafting policy, and facilitating collaboration, often under pressure, are needed on our commission to address today’s issues.

County government plays a vital role in determining how we manage rapid growth and change—in how the rising housing costs, public safety, traffic and other community strains will impact your daily lives.

I have been listening. I hear the desire for a future that has attainable housing, quality education and strong community connections in a healthy landscape with agriculture, recreation and wildlife. I have the practical experience to navigate what’s before us.

Please vote Jennifer Boyer for County Commission.

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