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Letter: Delger seeks re-election to Broadwater County Commission

My name is Michael Delger. I am running for re-election in District 2 of the Board of Broadwater County Commission.

I was born and raised in Townsend. Other than 4 years of military service and 2 years of out of state construction, I have worked and lived in Broadwater County. I have been on the City Council and served 6 years as a County Commissioner. I also am a general contracting Builder with my son and partner, Tate Pool. My oldest son, Jordan Basham works for BNSF in Havre. My daughter, Savanna is a Junior at MSU.

The first 2 years of my term as County Commissioner was spent learning what I couldn’t do. It’s easy to come into a job like this thinking you can push through pet projects, but the reality is that the major concerns of the County take precedence namely: taxes, roads and development. There are three (3) Commissioners on the Board and it takes 2 to form a quorum to get anything done. Some relationships between members have been more quarrels than quorum. Usually, you aren’t a chairperson for your first 2 years, but I have been the Chairperson 3 times during my term. The job description is 40 hours a week by statute, but it ends up being a lot more! It’s not a hobby!

Currently, we have a focused and cohesive team of Commissioners. We are managing responsible growth for this County and getting the most out of the roughly $13 million County budget and maximizing other funding sources.

The future is bright for Broadwater County. There are several positive projects underway. I’d say the greatest challenge is the disconnect between the powers and responsibilities of a County Commissioner compared to our constituents’ understanding of them! Commissioners have a fiduciary responsibility to protect our citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars. As Commissioners, it is our responsibility to not only manage this money but to protect it from any legal liability. This is done by adhering to laws and regulations which sometimes can dictate frustrating results for all of us.

As we continue to move into the future and attempt to maintain our hometown and rural lifestyle, I’d appreciate your support and your vote!!

A quote from one of Mike’s nieces: “He looks mean but old dogs and Children seem to like him.”