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Our View: Helping out the Food Bank

Later this month, families will be coming together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

While Thanksgiving is an excellent opportunity for friends and family to spend time together and enjoy a full turkey dinner, it can also be difficult for some who cannot afford a big meal or have anyone to spend the holiday with.

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are essential for the Headwaters Area Food Bank, which does a fantastic job helping out area residents during November and December and throughout the year. Food or monetary donations are essential for the food bank, especially in the next few weeks as they prepare to hand out their Thanksgiving Boxes on November 19.

This week’s edition of the Voice includes an article with “Wishlist” items for the 2022 boxes.

These items will be crucial to ensure those receiving boxes can get everything they need to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner without having any worries.

The Town Pump Charitable Foundation’s “Be A Friend in Deed, Help Those in Need” campaign is also underway and is another huge way to give back to the Headwaters Area Food Bank. The donations gathered at the Three Forks Town Pump make a difference locally.

Donating food items is a big deal, and the food bank can also use gift cards to stores to allow them to get needed items.

The Three Forks community always does an incredible job of helping those in need, which is needed again this holiday season. JHS

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