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Cromwell elected County attorney, Rest Home Mill Levy passes

After the final results following the counting of provisional and unresolved ballots on Monday, there will be a new Gallatin County Attorney. In the November 8 election, voters also approved the Gallatin County Rest Home Mill Levy and two Marijuana Excise Taxes.

Democratic challenger Audrey Cromwell defeated incumbent Republican Marty Lambert in the tightly contested race for County Attorney by a vote of 26,136 to 25,476.

Democrat Jennifer Boyer will be the new County Commissioner in District 2, defeating Republican challenger Joe Flynn, 27,951 to 24,035. In the race for Superintendent of Schools, Democratic Challenger John Nielsen defeated incumbent Republican Matthew Henry by a vote of 26,177 to 25,179. In the race for Treasurer/Assessor, Republican Maureen Horton defeated Democrat Charli Martin-Heavrin, 25,936 to 24,635.

The Gallatin County Rest Home Mill Levy passed by a total of 31,798 to 19,340. The Nine mills will raise at the fiscal year 2022 value, $3,933,459 annually. For Gallatin County taxpayers, the estimated annual tax increase per $100,000 assessed property value is $12.15.

County voters also decided to vote in favor of Medical Marijuana and Non-Medical Marijuana Excise Taxes. The Medical Marijuana Excise Tax was passed with a vote total of 27,955 to 24,058. The Non-Medical Excise Tax was passed by a vote of 37,956 to 14,352. The Gallatin County Commissioners voted earlier this not to accept the results of the 3% local-option excise taxes passing on June 7 due to an administrative error dealing with state law regarding a notice of election needing to be posted 45 days before the vote and 30 days before the election. The commissioners also moved forward with putting the measures on the November ballot.

Incumbent Republican Jennifer Carlson was victorious in the unofficial results in Montana House District 69.

Carlson received 3,951 votes, defeating Democratic challenger Rocky Hamilton with 1,648 votes. Libertarian candidate Carl Mohler Jr. received a total of 133 votes.

In the race for Gallatin County Clerk, incumbent Democrat Eric Semerad defeated Republican Marla Davis, 27,877 to 23,634.

The Gallatin County results will remain unofficial until a Nov. 21 Election Canvass.

In unofficial results from Broadwater County, Lindsey Richtmyer will be the new District 2 County Commissioner, defeating incumbent Michael Delger by a vote of 1,859 to 1,322.

Nick Rauser will be the new Broadwater County Sheriff. He defeated Josh Peters by a vote of 2,546 to 638.

In Montana House District 70, incumbent Republican Julie Dooling defeated Democrat Jon Jackson by a vote of 2,750 to 598.

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