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Our View: Drive for the conditions

Last week was a perfect example of how bad the roads can get with snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

With winter weather underway, many area residents will face the daunting challenge of commuting or a trip with inclement road conditions. It is the time for everyone who needs to travel to start planning ahead to give them plenty of time to get to where they need to be.

It is so essential for people to slow down and drive according to the conditions. With proper planning, there is no need to go too fast for the conditions. Not only does it put the driver in danger, but it also affects others on the road. It is tough enough to navigate blowing and drifting snow and ice without having to worry about someone passing that is going way faster than they should be.

Some drivers feel much more comfortable on snow and ice, but that should not give them the go-ahead to put others in danger. Accidents can happen to the most experienced drivers.

Leaving a few minutes early and driving appropriately for the conditions make a difference.

With an uptick in accidents, those driving on the interstate and highways also need to be on the lookout for emergency vehicles, plows, and authorized tow vehicles to get into the other lane safely. Emergency personnel are in such a dangerous situation when outside of the vehicle, and it is up to those traveling to help them out by getting over.

Slow it down this winter. It will help out everyone.

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