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Our View: Stroll a great night in Three Forks

This week's Christmas Stroll is a wonderful opportunity for area residents to come together in downtown Three Forks. There are plenty of chances to get some amazing local gifts, but the annual Three Forks Chamber of Commerce event serves as an opportunity to get out and see friends and neighbors.

After what was hopefully an outstanding Shop Local Saturday, the Stroll again highlights small businesses, and there are plenty of great ones in Three Forks. This year's event will feature Merchant Bingo again, which gets people into the business's doors. There will also be vendors and a bazaar this year, so there are plenty of options to shop locally.

One of the best parts about events like the Christmas Stroll is the opportunity to get out and see other community members. Some may not have run into a friend since a big community event like the rodeo -- and the Stroll serves as a way for people to reconnect.

With so much going on at the Stroll, this is also fun for the entire family. Each year, kids are so excited to see the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, and there is also plenty of fun for the adults.

Attending the event is also a perfect way to show pride in the community. Chamber members and volunteers work extremely hard for months to ensure events like this are a success. Hopefully, all their hard work will be rewarded with an amazing crowd on Friday night.

Some people will often say there isn't much to do in a small town, but that is not the case in Three Forks.

There is always something going on, and the Stroll is a perfect example.

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